!Käytetään lähdekieltä suomi. Sana koe löytyy myös lähdekielellä hollanti.
2.testClimbing the mountain tested our stamina.to test the soundness of a principle; to test the validity of an argumentHe tested positive for cancer.to test a solution by litmus paper
4.proofa proof load; a proof chargeproof against harmwaterproof; bombproof.
5.trialThey will perform the trials for the new equipment next week.That boy was a trial to his parentsThe warning system was extensively trialed before being fitted to all our vehicles.The team trialled a new young goalkeeper in Saturdays match, with mixed results.No language has a trial number unless it has a dual.lisää esimerkkejä


tilanne jossa jonkin asian, teorian tms. toimivuutta testataan; kokeilu, koestus