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  • qué¿Qué podemos y qué tenemos que hacer? What can and what must be done? ¿Qué puede hacer y qué ha de hacer? What can it do and what must it do? ¿Qué tiene que ocultar Israel? What does Israel have to hide?
  • cuálEn esencia, ¿cuál es la verdadera cuestión? What, in the end, is the issue here? ¿Cuál es la definición de vino? What is the definition of wine? ¿Cuál es la consecuencia de esto? What is the consequence of this?
  • kysyy yhtä vaihtoehdoista
  • lo que"Haz lo que yo digo, no lo que yo hago"... 'Do what I say, not what I do'... Esto es lo que esperan los consumidores. This is what consumers expect. Los ciudadanos ven lo que está ocurriendo. Citizens see what is happening.
  • menudoEn menudo lío nos ha metido usted. What a fine mess you have got us into. ¡Menudo arranque tan impresionante el suyo! What an impressive start you are making. ¡Menudo contraste entre ellos y su colega! What a contrast between them and their colleague.
  • que¿Qué podemos y qué tenemos que hacer? What can and what must be done? "Haz lo que yo digo, no lo que yo hago"... 'Do what I say, not what I do'... ¿Sabe usted lo que dice Moody's? Do you know what Moody's says?
  • vayaVaya acusación contra su propia gente. What an indictment of his own people. ¡Vaya oportunidad perdida, señor Corbett! What a missed opportunity, Mr Corbett! ¡Pues vaya norma de referencia! Well, what a reference standard to have!
  • ~ niistä) cuál
  • ¡qué!
  • ¿cómo?
  • ¿no?

Sanan what määritelmät

  • Which thing, event, circumstance, etc.:
  • That which; those that; the thing that
  • That; which; who
  • Whatever
  • In some manner or degree; in part; partly. ''See also what with''
  • Such
  • Why
  • Used to introduce each of two coordinate phrases or concepts; both…and
  • What do you want?
  • ?
  • Which one; which kind of
  • How much; how great (used in an exclamation
  • Whatever
  • Something; thing; stuff
  • The identity of a thing, as an answer to a question of what
  • Something that is addressed by , as opposed to a person, addressed by


  • He knows what he wants
  • What is amazing are his skills
  • Keep up with what your friends are doing
  • I will do what I can to help you
  • What with singing and joking, the time passed quickly
  • The market will calculate these higher risks in their funding costs what might result in higher lending rates
  • This leads to an uncertain situation for creditors what would negatively affect the willingness to provide credit.
  • What a pity
  • What a beautiful day!
  • What! That’s amazing.
  • What? Im busy.
  • It’s a nice day, what?
  • What a nice car
  • What destruction that tornado brought!
  • What shirt are you going to wear?
  • What time is it?
  • What kind of car is that?
  • What talent he has!
  • What a talent!
  • Write down what things come into your mind

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