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  • circa
    La mia aliquota contributiva media è del 33 % circa. My average tax rate is about 33 %. Ci sono circa 15 posti bloccati. We have about 15 posts blocked. Parliamo del 30 per cento circa dei costi. We are now talking about around 30% of the costs.
  • riguardando
  • approssimativamente
    Anche col cotone la perdita delle casse comunitarie è di approssimativamente 30 milioni di ECU. The loss to the budget from the cotton case was about ECU 30 million. Vorrei ricordare che un tassista che ci trasporta qui guadagna approssimativamente 10.000 franchi francesi a sessione, vale a dire quasi 1.500 euro. I would remind you that these taxi drivers earn about FF 10 000 per sitting or roughly EUR 1 500. I cinesi si sono ora fissati l’obiettivo di raggiungere un reddito paragonabile a quello dei paesi sviluppati di oggi approssimativamente entro il 2050. The Chinese presently have a target to reach per capita income comparable to that of today’s developed countries by about 2050.
  • intornom
    Non fatemi girare intorno alla questione. Let me not beat about the bush. In breve, ruota tutto intorno al controllo. In short, it is all about control. Il contributo del Fondo di solidarietà si aggira intorno ai 31 milioni di euro. The Solidarity Fund is contributing about EUR 31 million.
  • riguardom
    Dovrebbe essere riguardo a quello che funziona. It should be about what works. Dobbiamo essere onesti al riguardo. We have to be frank about that. Dovremmo essere più netti al riguardo. We should be clearer about this.
  • stare per
  • su
    Solo una parola su Gilad Shalit. Just a word about Gilad Shalit. Convengo con lei su tutta la linea in relazione alle donne. I agree with you completely about women. Su questo non deve esserci alcun dubbio. There must be no doubt about this.
  • vicinom
    L'ACTA è un tema che interessa da vicino coloro che operano sulla rete. ACTA is an issue that people on the net really care about. Dobbiamo parlare dei meriti e sorvegliare da vicino l'attuazione delle riforme. We need to talk about the merits and closely monitor the implementation of the reforms. Parlando di biodiversità ha menzionato il Brasile, io invece incomincerò con quanto avviene vicino a casa nostra. She spoke about Brazil, but I should like to start close to home in discussing biodiversity.
  • vicino a
    Parlando di biodiversità ha menzionato il Brasile, io invece incomincerò con quanto avviene vicino a casa nostra. She spoke about Brazil, but I should like to start close to home in discussing biodiversity. Mi sento molto vicino a ciò che l' onorevole Olle Schmidt ha detto nel corso del suo intervento riguardo ad una politica umana per i profughi. I am very sympathetic to what Mr Olle Schmidt said in his speech about a humanitarian refugee policy. Esso collaborerà da vicino al processo di valutazione che la Commissione sta per lanciare. This group will be closely associated in the evaluation process that the Commission is about to launch.

Sanan about määritelmät

  • In a circle around; all round; on every side of; on the outside of.
  • Near; not far from; approximately; regarding time, size, quantity.
  • On the point or verge of
  • On one's person; nearby the person.
  • Over or upon different parts of; through or over in various directions; here and there in; to and fro in; throughout.
  • Concerned with; engaged in; intent on.
  • Concerning; with regard to; on account of; on the subject of; to affect.
  • In or near, as in mental faculties ''or' in possession of; in control of; at one's command; in one's makeup.
  • In the immediate neighborhood of; in contiguity or proximity to; near, as to place.
  • Not distant; approximate
  • In succession; one after another; in the course of events.
  • To a reversed order; half round; facing in the opposite direction; from a contrary point of view.
  • Preparing; planning.
  • Going to; on the verge of; intending to.
  • Moving around; astir
  • In existence; being in evidence; apparent
  • Normally active and capable


  • the show is about to start;  I am not about to admit to your crime
  • He knew more about what was occurring than anyone
  • He has his wits about him
  • about as cold; about as high
  • to face about; to turn oneself about
  • a mile about, and a third of a mile across
  • out and about; up and about
  • After my bout with Guillan-Barre Syndrome, it took me 6 months to be up and about again
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