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  • cosep
    Come ha detto qualcuno, “le cose vanno a modo loro”. As someone once said, 'stuff happens'. Siamo onesti, queste non sono le cose di cui le persone parlano in pubblico o in occasioni sociali. Let us be honest, this is not the stuff that people talk about in public houses and on social occasions. Anziché occuparci di tutte le altre cose che abbiamo trattato questa settimana, facciamo in modo che l'Unione funzioni meglio. Rather than focusing on all the other stuff we focused on this week, let us make sure the EU works better.
  • essere pieno
  • essere satollo
  • farcire
  • imbottire
  • impagliare
  • robaf
    Come ho sempre detto, è roba che non si può semplicemente buttare nei fossi. As I have always said, you can't just chuck the stuff in a ditch. L'unico problema che incontrerete non sta nel fatto che vi possano o meno fermare alla dogana, quanto nel trasportare tutta quella roba. The only problem you would have in getting them back is not whether customs stop you, it is actually carrying the bloody stuff.
  • stoffaf
    Nondimeno, onorevoli von Boetticher e Pirker, conoscendo la stoffa di cui siete fatti, sono certo che ci riuscirete. But, Mr von Boetticher and Mr Pirker, being made of the stuff you are, I am sure you will manage that. E' buona in riferimento alla proposta di Romano Prodi come prossimo Presidente della Commissione; ancora ieri egli ha dimostrato in quest'Aula di quale stoffa è fatto. You secured a good agreement concerning Commission President Prodi, who already showed us in the House yesterday that he is made of the right stuff.
  • tessutom

Sanan stuff määritelmät

  • Miscellaneous items; things; personal effects
  • The tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object
  • A material for making clothing; any woven textile, but especially a woollen fabric
  • Abstract substance or character
  • Substitution for trivial details
  • Narcotic drugs, especially heroin
  • Furniture; goods; domestic vessels or utensils
  • A medicine or mixture; a potion
  • Refuse or worthless matter; hence, also, foolish or irrational language; nonsense; trash
  • A melted mass of turpentine, tallow, etc., with which the masts, sides, and bottom of a ship are smeared for lubrication
  • Paper stock ground ready for use. When partly ground, it is called ''half stuff''
  • To fill by crowding something into; to cram with something; to load to excess
  • To fill a space with in a compressed manner
  • To sate
  • To break.
  • To cut off another competitor in a race by disturbing his projected and committed racing line by an abrupt manoeuvre
  • To preserve a dead bird or other animal by filling its skin
  • To form or fashion by packing with the necessary material
  • To crowd with facts; to cram the mind of; sometimes, to crowd or fill with false or idle tales or fancies
  • To eat, especially in a hearty or greedy manner


  • He didnt want his pockets to bulge so he was walking around with all his stuff in his hands
  • Can I have some of that stuff on my ice-cream sundae?
  • I had to do some stuff
  • She stuffed the turkey for Thanksgiving using her secret stuffing recipe.
  • He stuffed his clothes into the closet and shut the door.
  • I’m stuffed after having eaten all that turkey, mashed potatoes and delicious stuffing.
  • I got stuffed by that guy on the supermoto going into that turn, almost causing us to crash.
  • "Why are you so sad, Joseph?" "Well...stuff."
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