Sanan there käännös englanti-ruotsi

  • där
    Det finns verkliga problem där.There are real problems there. Så det finns alltså hinder där.So there are impediments there. Där är det inte tal om någon fred.There is no sign of peace there.
  • dit
    Alltså behöver vi alls inte fara dit.So we do not need to go there. Jag reste dit några timmar innan.I went there a few hours beforehand. Bor han på parkgatan? Kan du köra mig dit?
  • därstädes
  • detett
    Det finns verkliga problem där.There are real problems there. Det råder det ingen tvekan om.There is no room for doubt there. det finns alltså hinder där.So there are impediments there.
  • framme
    Detta är långt ifrån enkelt, och vi är långt ifrån framme.This is far from simple, and we are far from being there. Om ni får med er amerikanerna och indierna är vi redan halvvägs framme.Take the Americans and the Indians with you, and we will already be half way there. Vi är nästan framme vid målet: en ledamotsstadga som har gäckat oss så länge.Mr President, we are nearly there: a Members’ Statute that has eluded us for so long.

Sanan there määritelmät

  • In a place or location at some distance from the speaker (''compare here''
  • In that matter, relation, etc.; at that point, stage, etc., regarded as a distinct place
  • To or into that place; thither
  • Where, there where, in which place
  • In existence or in this world; ''see pronoun section below''
  • That place
  • That status; that position
  • in its sense of “exist”, with the semantic, usually indefinite subject being postponed or implied.}}
  • That


  • He did not stop there, but continued his speech.
  • They patched up their differences, but matters did not end there.
  • There, there. Everything is going to turn out all right.
  • There! That knot should hold.
  • You rinse and de-string the green beans; Ill take it from there.
  • There are two apples on the table. [=Two apples are on the table.]
  • There is no way to do it. [=No way to do it exists.]
  • Is there an answer? [=Does an answer exist?]
  • No, there isnt. [=No, one doesnt exist.]
  • If x is a positive number, then there exists [=there is] a positive number y less than x.
  • There remain several problems with this approach. [=Several problems remain with this approach.]
  • Once upon a time, in a now-forgotten kingdom, there lived a woodsman with his wife. [=There was a woodsman, who lived with his wife.]
  • There arose a great wind out of the east. [=There was now a great wind, arising in the east.]
  • There seems to be some difficulty with the papers. [=It seems that there is some difficulty with the papers.]
  • I expected there to be a simpler solution. [=I expected that there would be a simpler solution.]
  • There are beginning to be complications. [=Its beginning to be the case that there are complications.]
  • therefor, thereat, thereunder
  • Hi there, young fellow.

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