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  • To make smaller; to press or squeeze together, or to make something occupy a smaller space or volume
  • To be pressed together or folded by compression into a more economic, easier format
  • To condense into a more economic, easier format
  • To abridge
  • To make digital information smaller by encoding it using fewer bits
  • A multiply folded piece of cloth, a pouch of ice etc., used to apply to a patient's skin, cover the dressing of wounds, and placed with the aid of a bandage to apply pressure on an injury
  • A machine for compressing


  • The force required to compress a spring varies linearly with the displacement.
  • Our new model compresses easily, ideal for storage and travel
  • This chart compresses the entire audit report into a few lines on a single diagram.
  • If you try to compress the entire book into a three-sentence summary, you will lose a lot of information.
  • He held a cold compress over the sprain.

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