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  • seimi
    Luukkaan evankeliumin mukaan Maria kapaloi vastasyntyneen Jeesus-lapsen ja pani hänet seimeen.Varsinkin katolisissa maissa seimi on tyypillinen osa joulukoristelua.Lastentarhan pienten osastoa sanottiin seimeksi.
  • kaukalo
    Ennen porsaita syötettiin puisista kaukaloista.Pihaan ilmestyi betoninen kaukalo kukkaistutuksille.
  • laari
  • luntata
  • luntti
    Hän oli kirjannut koetta varten luntin ranteeseensa.Ota pieni luntti mukaan puhujakorokkeelle.
  • lunttilappu
  • pinnasänky
  • plagiarisoida

Sanan crib määritelmät

  • A baby’s bed with high, often slatted, often moveable sides, suitable for a child who has outgrown a cradle or bassinet
  • A bed for a child older than a baby
  • A small sleeping berth in a packet ship or other small vessel
  • A manger, a feeding trough for animals elevated off the earth or floor, especially one for fodder such as hay
  • A bin for drying or storing grain, as with a corn crib
  • A small room or covered structure, especially one of rough construction, used for storage or penning animals
  • A confined space, as with a cage or office-cubicle
  • A job, a position; , an appointment
  • A hovel, a roughly constructed building best suited to the shelter of animals but used for human habitation
  • One’s residence, or where one normally hangs out. A house or dwelling place
  • A boxy structure traditionally built of heavy wooden timbers, to support an existing structure from below, as with a mineshaft or a building being raised off its foundation in preparation for being moved; see cribbing
  • A minor theft, extortion or embezzlement, with or without criminal intent
  • The cards discarded by players and used by the dealer
  • A known piece of information corresponding to a section of encrypted text, that is then used to work out the remaining sections
  • A packed lunch taken to work. W1913 also has "a miner's luncheon", older, UK.--
  • The stomach
  • A cheat sheet or past test used by students; crib sheet
  • To place or confine in a crib
  • To collect one or more passages and/or references for use in a speech, written document or as an aid for some task; to create a crib sheet
  • To plagiarize; to copy; to cheat
  • To install timber supports, as with cribbing
  • To complain, to grumble
  • To crowd together, or to be confined, as if in a crib or in narrow accommodations
  • To seize the manger or other solid object with the teeth and draw in wind


  • I cribbed the recipe from the Food Network site, but made a few changes of my own

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