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Sanan curl määritelmät

  • A piece or lock of curling hair; a ringlet
  • A curved stroke or shape
  • A spin making the trajectory of an object curve
  • Movement of a moving rock away from a straight line
  • The vector field denoting the rotationality of a given vector field
  • The vector operator, denoted \rm{curl}\; or \vec{\nabla}\times\vec{\left}, that generates this field
  • The contrasting light and dark figure seen in wood used for stringed instrument making; the flame
  • A pattern where the receiver appears to be running a fly pattern but after a set number of steps or yards quickly stops and turns around, looking for a pass
  • To cause to move in a curve
  • To make into a curl or spiral
  • To assume the shape of a curl or spiral
  • To move in curves
  • To take part in the sport of curling
  • To exercise by bending the arm, wrist, or leg on the exertion against resistance, especially of the biceps
  • To twist or form into ringlets
  • To deck with, or as if with, curls; to ornament
  • To raise in waves or undulations; to ripple
  • To shape into a curve


  • The one-piece back is of a medium curl
  • I curl at my local club every weekend
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