Sanan flush käännös englanti-suomi

Sanan flush määritelmät

  • A group of birds that have suddenly started up from undergrowth, trees etc
  • To cause to take flight from concealment
  • To take suddenly to flight, especially from cover
  • Smooth, even, aligned; not sticking out
  • Wealthy or well off
  • Short for ''flush left and right''; a body of text aligned with both its left and right margins
  • Affluent; abounding; well furnished or suppled; hence, liberal; prodigal
  • A sudden flowing; a rush which fills or overflows, as of water for cleansing purposes
  • Particularly, such a cleansing of a toilet
  • Any tinge of red colour like that produced on the cheeks by a sudden rush of blood
  • A sudden flood or rush of feeling; a thrill of excitement, animation, etc
  • To cleanse by flooding with generous quantities of a fluid
  • Particularly, to cleanse a toilet by introducing a large amount of water
  • To cause to blush
  • To cause to be full; to flood; to overflow; to overwhelm with water
  • To excite, inflame
  • To be cleansed by being flooded with generous quantities of water
  • To clear of its contents
  • To show red; to shine suddenly; to glow
  • To fill in ; to point the level; to make them flush
  • To fill underground spaces, especially in coal mines, with material carried by water, which, after drainage, constitutes a compact mass
  • A hand consisting of all cards with the same suit


  • The hunters flushed the tiger from the canebrake.
  • A covey of quail flushed from the undergrowth.
  • Sand down the excess until it is flush with the surface.
  • He just got a bonus so hes flush today.
  • the flush on the side of a peach; the flush on the clouds at sunset
  • a flush of joy
  • Flush the injury with plenty of water.
  • The damsel flushed at the scoundrels suggestion.
  • to flush the meadows
  • There must be somebody home: I just heard the toilet flushing.
  • Blood flushes into the face.
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