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Sanan loaded käännös englanti-suomi

Sanan loaded määritelmät

  • Burdened by some heavy load; packed
  • Having a live round of ammunition in the chamber
  • Possessing great wealth
  • Drunk
  • Pertaining to a situation where there is a runner at each of the three bases
  • a die or dice being weighted asymmetrically, and so biased to produce predictable throws
  • Designed to produce a predictable answer, or to lay a trap
  • Having strong connotations that colour the literal meaning and are likely to provoke an emotional response. Sometimes used loosely to describe a word that simply has many different meanings
  • Equipped with numerous options
  • Covered with a topping or toppings
  • Weighted with lead or similar


  • Lets leave the TV; the car is loaded already
  • No funny business; this heaters loaded!
  • He sold his business a couple of years ago and is just loaded
  • By the end of the evening, the guests in the club were really loaded
  • Its bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded and there are two outs
  • He was playing with loaded dice and won a fortune
  • That interviewer is tricky; he asks loaded questions
  • Ignorant" is a loaded word, often implying lack of intelligence rather than just lack of knowledge
  • She went all out; her new car is loaded
  • loaded fries
  • loaded potato wedges
  • a loaded cane or whip

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