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Sanan parade määritelmät

  • An organized procession consisting of a series of consecutive displays, performances, exhibits, etc. displayed by moving down a street past a crowd of spectators
  • A procession of people moving down a street, organized to protest something
  • Any succession, series, or display of items
  • A line of goslings led by one parent and often trailed by the other
  • An assembling of troops for inspection or to receive orders., '','London: Nath. Brooke, 1658: “''Parade,' a Term in Military Discipline, being an appearance of Souldiers at a set time to receive Orders; also any great preparation, or appearance.”[http://name.umdl.umich.edu/A54746.0001.001]
  • Posture of defense; guard
  • The ground where a military display is held, or where troops are drilled
  • A public walk; a promenade; now used in street names
  • A term of venery denoting a herd of elephants on the move
  • To march in or as if in a procession
  • To cause to march in or as if in a procession; to display or show during a procession
  • To exhibit in a showy or ostentatious manner
  • To march past
  • To march through or along; to move slowly through or along
  • To assemble to receive orders
  • To assemble for inspection, to receive orders, etc
  • To march in a line led by one parent and often trailed by the other


  • a Veterans Day parade; a Santa Claus parade; a May Day parade
  • The floats and horses in the parade were impressive, but the marching bands were really amazing
  • a parade of shops
  • The dinner was a parade of courses, each featuring foods more elaborate than the last
  • He was parked on Chester Parade
  • They paraded around the field, simply to show their discipline.
  • They paraded dozens of fashions past the crowd
  • After the field show, it is customary to parade the stands before exiting the field.

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