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  • One who sneaks; one who moves stealthily to acquire an item or information
  • A cheat; a con artist
  • An informer; a tell-tale
  • A ball bowled so as to roll along the ground; a daisy-cutter
  • A play where the quarterback receives the snap and immediately dives forward
  • To creep or go stealthily; to come or go while trying to avoid detection, as a person who does not wish to be seen
  • To take something stealthily without permission
  • To stealthily bring someone something
  • To hide, especially in a mean or cowardly manner
  • To inform an authority of another's misdemeanours
  • In advance; before release to the general public
  • In a stealthy or surreptitious manner


  • My little brother is such a sneak; yesterday I caught him trying to look through my diary
  • I cant believe I gave that sneak $50 for a ticket when they were selling for $20 at the front gate
  • He decided to sneak into the kitchen for a second cookie while his mom was on the phone
  • I went to sneak a chocolate but my dad caught me
  • She asked me to sneak her a phone next month
  • If you sneak on me Ill bash you!
  • The company gave us a sneak look at their new electronic devices
  • I was able to get a sneak peek at the guest list

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