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Sanan take käännös englanti-suomi

  • ottaa
    Komissio ottaa tämän kaiken huomioon. The Commission will take note. Voiko kukaan ottaa tätä vakavasti? Can anyone take this seriously? Tämä riski meidän pitäisi ottaa. This is a chance we should take.
  • kestää
    Se kestää noin yhdeksän kuukautta. This takes around nine months. Tällainen kehitys kestää kauan. Such a process takes a long time. Tämä voi kestää jopa kolme kuukautta. This could take up to three months.
  • otto
    Pakolaisten otto puhuttaa Helsingin seudun kunnissa. (hs.fiPolttoaineen otto on haaroitettu suodattimen jälkeisestä letkusta.Koko kappale soitetaan jokaisella otolla alusta loppuun kokonaan läpi.
  • viedä
    Se voi näin ollen viedä vähän aikaa. It may, therefore, take some time. Se ei voi viedä rahoja Bosnialta. It cannot take it away from Bosnia. Tämä ei ole oikea tapa viedä Eurooppaa eteenpäin. This is no way to take Europe forward.
  • hyväksyä
    Kyseessä ei ole asia, joka voidaan vain hyväksyä tai hylätä. It is not something you can take or leave. Miksei neuvosto voi hyväksyä parlamentin ehdotusta? Why can the Council not take it up and approve it? Meidän pitäisi hyväksyä tämä Yhdysvaltain hallituksen tarjous. We should take up this offer by the US Administration.
  • mielipide
    Toivon, että suomalainen mielipide ottaa myös tämän keskustelun huomioon. I hope that Finnish public opinion will also take notice of this debate. Kaikkien pitäisi kuitenkin ottaa huomioon toisten mielipide ja sallia äänestyksen pitäminen. However, everyone should also take note of others' opinions and allow a vote to take place. Euroopan unionin on korkea aika ottaa Euroopassa vallitseva yleinen mielipide huomioon. It is high time the European Union started to take public opinion in Europe into account.
  • ottaa väkisin
  • sietää
    En voi sietää häntä.Mahani ei siedä tuota lääkettä.
  • toimittaa
    Olen pahoillani, mutta äänestystä ei voida toimittaa uudelleen. I am sorry, but we cannot re-take votes. Äänestys tästä asiasta voidaan siis toimittaa tänään. This vote can therefore take place today. Varapuhemies Podestà toimittaa loput äänestykset. Mr Podestà will take the remaining votes.
  • tuotto
    Haluaisin sen vuoksi kehottaa komissiota tekemään aloitteen yhteisten typpiverojen käyttöönotosta EU: ssa kuitenkin sillä edellytyksellä, että näiden verojen tuotto kulkeutuisi takaisin jäsenmaille. I therefore call on the Commission to take the initiative to introduce common nitrogen levies in the EU, with the explicit proviso that the proceeds of such levies be passed back to the Member States. kulut ja tuototrahaston tuotto
  • vaatia
    Haluan myös vaatia teiltä, että asialle tehdään nyt jotakin pikaisesti. I would like to urge you too to take swift action. Olisi väärin vaatia kollegoilta tuotantoa ja entistä suurempien riskien ottamista. It would be wrong to demand that producers should take greater risks. Keskustelut ja neuvottelut joistakin toisista kysymyksistä saattavat vaatia suunniteltua pidemmän ajan. Discussions and negotiations on others may take longer than anticipated.
  • valita
    Siksi me emme saa missään nimessä valita sitä tietä. We should definitely not take this path. Minusta meidän pitäisi valita perinteinen menettely, ainakin tässä asiassa. I think we should take the traditional route, on this issue at least. Emme halua poistaa kuluttajilta oikeutta valita itse. We do not want to take away the consumers' right to choose for themselves.
  • voitto
    Se voitto kannustaa Euroopan unionia täyttämään paikkansa nykyaikaisessa maailmassa. This victory will encourage the European Union to take up its place in the modern world. Eurooppalaisten parempi toimintakyky tällaisissa kysymyksissä olisi sen vuoksi voitto rauhalle. Therefore, a greater ability on the part of Europeans to take action on such questions would be a gain for peace. Se, että ne ovat tulevaisuudessa velvoitettuja todella toteuttamaan nämä toimet sen sijaan, että ne vain pyrkivät siihen, on sovittelumenettelyn toinen merkittävä voitto. That they will in future be obliged to actually take these steps and will no longer be allowed merely to aim to do so is another of the significant triumphs of the conciliation process.

Sanan take määritelmät


  • take a pen off the desk
  • They took Charltons gun from his cold, dead hands
  • Ill take that plate off the table
  • take the guards prisoner
  • take prisoners
  • After a bloody battle, they were able to take the city
  • took ten catfish in one afternoon
  • Billy took her pencil
  • take a toll
  • take revenge
  • took the next two tricks
  • took Smiths rook
  • took third place
  • took bribes
  • The camera takes 35mm film
  • The store doesnt take checks
  • She wouldnt take any money for her help
  • Do you take credit?
  • The vending machine only takes bills, it doesnt take coins
  • take my advice
  • take a wife
  • The school only takes new students in the fall
  • The therapist wouldnt take him as a client
  • take two eggs from the carton
  • The earthquake took many lives
  • The plague took rich and poor alike
  • Cancer took her life
  • He took his life last night
  • take one from three and you are left with two
  • Dont try to take that guy. Hes bigger than you
  • The woman guarding us looks like a professional, but I can take her!
  • He took her hand in his
  • Take whichever bag you like
  • She took the best men with her and left the rest to garrison the city
  • Ill take the blue plates
  • Ill take two sugars in my coffee, please
  • She took his side in every argument
  • take a stand on the important issues
  • She took her sword with her everywhere she went
  • Ill take the plate with me
  • The next bus will take you to Metz
  • I took him for a ride
  • I took him down to London
  • These stairs take you down to the basement
  • Stone Street took us right past the store
  • She took the steps two or three at a time/
  • He took the curve / corner too fast
  • The pony took every hedge and fence in its path
  • He took her to lunch at the new restaurant, took her to the movies, and then took her home
  • take the ferry
  • I took a plane
  • He took the bus to London, and then took a train to Manchester
  • Hes 96 but he still takes the stairs
  • She took a condo at the beach for the summer
  • He took a full-page ad in the Times
  • They took two magazines
  • I used to take The Sunday Times
  • take two of these and call me in the morning
  • take the blue pill
  • I take aspirin every day to thin my blood
  • The general took dinner at seven oclock
  • take sun-baths
  • take a shower
  • She made the decision to take chemotherapy
  • She takes pride in her work
  • I take offence at that
  • to take a dislike
  • to take pleasure in his opponents death
  • took a pay cut
  • take a joke
  • The hull took a lot of punishment before it broke
  • I can take the noise, but I cant take the smell
  • That truck bed will only take two tons
  • She took a vacation to France but spent the whole time feeling miserable that her husband couldnt be there with her
  • Arent you supposed to take your math final today?
  • I had to take a pee
  • The ship took a direct hit and was destroyed
  • Her career took a hit
  • He had to take it apart to fix it.
  • She took down her opponent in two minutes.
  • He took the news badly
  • took the decision to close its last remaining outlet
  • took a dim view of city officials
  • Dont take my comments as an insult
  • if she took my meaning
  • He took all the credit for the project, although he had done almost none of the work
  • She took the blame, in the publics eyes, although the debacle was more her husbands fault than her own
  • take her word for it
  • take him at his word
  • take it from her comments she wont be there
  • I took him to be a person of honor
  • He was often taken to be a man of means
  • Do you take me for a fool?
  • Do you take me to be stupid?
  • Looking at him as he came into the room, I took him for his father
  • Im not sure what moral to take from that story
  • As I Lay Dying" takes its title from Book XI of Homers "Odyssey
  • took a chill
  • took her fancy
  • took her attention
  • cloth that takes dye well
  • paper that takes ink
  • the leather that takes a certain kind of polish
  • It takes a while to get used to the smell
  • Looks like its gonna take a taller person to get that down
  • Finishing this on schedule will take a lot of overtime
  • He took a seat in the front row
  • Hunting that whale takes most of his free time
  • His collection takes a lot of space
  • The trip will take about ten minutes
  • He took that opportunity to leave France
  • take a walk
  • take action/steps/measures to fight drug abuse
  • take a trip
  • take aim
  • take the tempo slowly
  • The kick is taken from where the foul occurred
  • Pirès ran in to take the kick
  • The throw-in is taken from the point where the ball crossed the touch-line
  • took the form of a duck
  • took shape
  • a god taking the likeness of a bird
  • take the part of the villain/hero
  • take office
  • take the throne
  • he took the oath of office last night
  • the witness took the stand
  • the next team took the field
  • go down two blocks and take the next left
  • take the path of least resistance
  • take cover/shelter/refuge
  • take her pulse / temperature / blood pressure
  • take a census
  • He took a mental inventory of his supplies
  • She took careful notes
  • She took a video of their encounter
  • Could you take a picture of us?
  • The police took his fingerprints
  • The photographer will take you sitting down
  • to take a group/scene
  • took me for ten grand
  • As a child, she took ballet
  • I plan to take math, physics, literature and flower arrangement this semester
  • take matters as they arise
  • Ive had a lot of problems recently: take last Monday, for example. My car broke down on the way to work. Then ... etc
  • Hell probably take this one
  • This verb takes the dative; that verb takes the genitive
  • My husband and I have a dysfunctional marriage. He just takes and takes; he never gives
  • the dye didnt take
  • not all grafts take
  • I started some tomato seeds last spring, but they didnt take
  • They took ill within 3 hours
  • She took sick with the flu
  • He took me a blow on the head
  • He wants half of the take if he helps with the job
  • The mayor is on the take
  • Whats your take on this issue, Fred?
  • a new take on a traditional dish
  • Its a take
  • Act seven, scene three, take two
  • did a double-take and then a triple-take
  • I did a take when I saw the new car in the driveway
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