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Sanan tray määritelmät

  • A small, typically rectangular or round, flat, and rigid object upon which things are carried
  • A flat carrier for items being transported
  • The items on a full tray
  • A component of a device into which an item is placed for use in the device's operations
  •   A notification area used for icons and alerts
  • A type of retail or wholesale packaging for CPUs where the processors are sold in bulk and/or with minimal packaging
  • to place on a tray
  • to slide down a snow-covered hill on a tray from a cafeteria.Need it be a tray from a cafeteria? Surely any tray will do.--
  • trouble; annoyance; anger
  • to grieve; to annoy
  • to betray


  • I carefully arranged the dishes on the tray and brought it upstairs
  • Make sure that tray of eggs is properly loaded
  • Before long they had consumed a whole tray of shrimp cocktails and sent for another
  • The CD tray will not open
  • The loader is responsible for placing the work on the trays for the plating machines
  • Be sure to tray eggs with the large end up
  • Traying has provided collegiate fun and the occasional fatality for decades

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