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  • tailcoat
  • white tieYou are cordially invited to dinner with His Excellency the President. Dress: White Tie.
  • brazen
    She was brazen enough to deny stealing the handbag even though she was caught on closed-circuit television doing so
  • brazen-faced
  • cheeky
  • cool
    Linen has made cool and breathable clothing for millenniaIf you have a reddish complexion, you should mainly wear cool colorsHis proposals had a cool reception
  • dress coat
  • evening dress
  • full evening dress
  • hot
    He forgot that the frying pan was hot and burned his handIt is too hot to be outsideIt is hotter in summer than in winter
  • immodest
  • nice
    What is a nice person like you doing in a place like this?The soup is nice and hotChildren, play nice
  • rude
    This girl was so rude towards her boyfriend by screaming at him for no apparent reason.Karen broke up with Fred because he was often rude to her.
  • sassy
  • saucy
    She is a loud, saucy child who doesnt show a lot of respect to her elders.I enjoyed the dancing, but my wife found it a little too saucy.
  • shameless
  • tailsTails, I win

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