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  • crane
  • coach
    John flew coach to Vienna, but first-class back homeShe has coached many opera stars.
  • Common Crane
  • common crane
  • drill
    Drill a small hole to start the screw in the right directionThey drilled daily to learn the routine exactlyThe sergeant was up by 6:00 every morning, drilling his troops
  • exercise
    The teacher told us that the next exercise is to write an essaySwimming is good exercise.I like to do my exercises every morning before breakfast.
  • pineThe northern slopes were covered mainly in pineLaura was pining for Bill all the time he was gone
  • practice
    He will need lots of practice with the lines before he performs themBeing on a team is hard: youre always having to go to practice while everyone else is taking it easyI have choir practice every Sunday after church
  • practise
    You should practise playing piano every day.If you want to speak French well, you need to practise.They gather to practise religion every Saturday.
  • train
    Unfortunately, the leading bridesmaid stepped on the brides train as they were walking down the aisleOur party formed a train at the funeral parlor before departing for the burialin a fair / better / worse train
  • work outCan you work out 250 × 12 in your head for me?Can you work out how to get to the university by car?I cant work these instructions out

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