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  • be nervous
  • drawHe tried to draw a conclusion from the facts.Tea is much nicer if you let it draw for three minutes before pouring.to draw money from a bankWe drew back from the cliff edge.The runners drew level with each other as they approached the finish line.Draw near to the fire and I will tell you a tale.to draw a memorial, a deed, or bill of exchangeThis horse draws well.A ships sail is said to draw when it is filled with wind.One fine day in the middle of the night, / two dead men got up to fight. / Back to back they faced each other, / Drew their swords and shot each other.The carriage draws easily.You should draw the curtains at night.At the start of their turn, each player must draw a card.draw water from a well; draw water for a bath; the wound drew bloodA ship draws ten feet of water.A chimney or flue draws.The circuit draws three hundred watts.to draw a mass of metal into wireThe citizens were afraid the casino would draw an undesirable element to their town. I was drawn to her.She had to draw upon her experience to solve the problem.He will be hanged, drawn and quartered.We drew last time we played. I drew him last time I played him. I drew my last game against him.The winning lottery numbers were drawn every Tuesday.He drew a prize.Jill has four diamonds; shell try to draw for a flush.The game ended in a draw.The draw is on Saturday.lisää esimerkkejä
  • flex
  • stressGo easy on him, hes been under a lot of stress lately.Some people put the stress on the first syllable of “controversy”; others put it on the second.“Emphasis” is stressed on the first syllable, but “emphatic” is stressed on the second.I must stress that this information is given in strict confidence.
  • tensionWe tensioned the cable until it snapped.
  • tickleI have a persistent tickle in my throat.He tickled Nancys tummy, and she started to giggle.My nose tickles, and Im going to sneeze!He was tickled to receive such a wonderful gift.


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