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  • waste of time
    Asking him for money is a waste of time: he wont give you any.
  • monkey business
    Do your homework and forget about all this monkey business
  • of
    There are no shops within twenty miles of the cottage.Whats the time? / Nearly a quarter of three.Finally she was relieved of the burden of caring for her sick husband.
  • time
    Time stops for nobody.   the ebb and flow of timeBoth science-fiction writers and physicists have written about travel through timeTime slows down when you approach the speed of light
  • time-waster
    I showed him round the property thinking he was a prospective buyer, but in fact he was just a time-waster.Email was supposed to improve business efficiency, but all too often it turns out to be a time-waster.This puzzle book is a good time-waster when my train is late.
  • waste
    The cage was littered with animal wasteThat was a waste of timeHer life seemed a waste

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