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  • assistant
    I had an assistant check that I was indeed listed. Avustaja tarkisti, että minut oli merkitty puhujaksi. The Institute currently has just a director and an assistant. Instituutilla on nyt vasta johtaja ja avustaja. I have spoken on the phone to Carol Browner, the President's assistant for energy and climate change. Olen keskustellut puhelimitse Carol Brownerin kanssa. Hän on presidentin avustaja energian ja ilmastonmuutoksen alalla.
  • helper
  • acolyte
  • adjutant
    adjutant officer
  • attendant
    Give your keys to the parking attendants and they will park your car for youThey promoted him to supervisor, with all the attendant responsibilities and privilegesthe widow attendant to the heir
  • auxiliary
    auxiliary troops
  • crew
    If you need help, please contact a member of the crew.The crews of the two ships got into a fight.The crews competed to cut the most timber.
  • deputy
    the deputy of a princeThe deputy sheriff was promoted after his senior retiredAs the deputy store manager, he is able to fire staff
  • second
    He lives on Second StreetThe second volume in "The Lord of the Rings" series is called "The Two TowersYou take the first one, and Ill have the second
  • sidekick
  • yeoman
  • abettor
  • accomplice
  • adviser
  • aider
  • ancillary
  • bedfellow
  • coadjutant
  • collaborator
  • confederate
  • cooperator
  • counsel
    The lawyer counselled his client to remain silent.Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and other mental health professionals counsel clients.I would counsel prudence in this matter.
  • hand
    Her hands are really strongan old hand at speaking; large farms need many farm handsBob gave Alice a hand to move the furniture
  • ministrant
  • offsider


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