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  • bluff
    That is only bluff, or a bluffJohns bet was a bluff: he bet without even so much as a pairJohn bluffed by betting without even a pair
  • confuse
    Do not let those T-shirts confuse you. Älkää antako noiden T-paitojen hämätä itseänne. Let us not become confused over terminology - the report we have adopted is more about finding new labour resources than about solidarity. Älkäämme antako terminologian hämätä itseämme - nyt hyväksymässämme mietinnössä on kyse ennemminkin uusien työvoimaresurssien löytämisestä kuin solidaarisuudesta. People who say "hola" to Italians are confusing Italian with Spanish.
  • discombobulate
  • divert
    The workers diverted the stream away from the road.Dont let him divert your attention; keep your eye on the ball.
  • hoodwink
    I feel like the salesman hoodwinked me into buying right away
  • hum
    They could hear a hum coming from the kitchen, and found the dishwasher on.We are humming happily along with the musicto hum a tune
  • jive
    Don’t try to jive me! I know where you were last night!You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life; ooh, see that girl, watch that scene, diggin the dancing queen! (ABBA, "Dancing QueenDon’t give me that jive. I know where you were last night.
  • stick
    The beavers dam was made out of sticksI found several good sticks in the brush heapWhat do you call a boomerang that wont come back? A stick
  • baffle
    I am baffled by the contradictions and omissions in the instructions.A ship baffles with the winds.Tanker trucks use baffles to keep the liquids inside from sloshing around.
  • bamboozle
    Hes completely bamboozled by the changes in the computer system.
  • fudge
    Have you tried the vanilla fudge? Its delicious!When I asked them if they had been at the party, they fudgedThe results of the experiment looked impressive, but it turned out the numbers had been fudged

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