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  • disperse
    After 11 days of protest against the election results by the opposition movement under former head of state Levon Ter-Petrosian, police tried to disperse the demonstrators. Entisen valtionpäämiehen Levon Ter-Petrosianin johtaman oppositioliikkeen 11 päivää kestäneiden vaalitulosten vastaisten mielenosoitusten jälkeen poliisi yritti hajottaa mielenosoittajat. The Jews are dispersed among all nations.
  • dissolve
    Does Parliament have the right to dissolve the Council? Onko parlamentilla oikeus hajottaa neuvosto? The French president, for instance, can dissolve parliament. Esimerkiksi Ranskan presidentti voi hajottaa parlamentin. – ‘ - Would it not be easier for the government to dissolve the people and elect another? – " – Eikö hallituksen olisi helpompaa hajottaa kansa ja valita tilalle uusi?
  • break
    This was intended to break up and destroy the Solidarity trade union. Tarkoituksena oli hajottaa ja tuhota Solidaarisuus-ammattiliike. What I said about Alzheimer's could apply to cancer, which breaks families apart. Se, mitä sanoin Alzheimerista, voi päteä myös syöpään, joka hajottaa perheitä. We all know that today we are emitting twice as much CO2 as plants can break down. Me kaikki tiedämme, että tuotamme jo nyt kaksi kertaa enemmän hiilidioksidia kuin kasvimme voivat hajottaa.
  • demolish
    The easy way is always to say 'No' , to demolish and destroy. Helppo tie on sanoa aina "ei" , hajottaa ja tuhota. They demolished the old mill and put up four townhouses.
  • dismantle
    We are aware that it is the main duty of democracies to combat terrorism and to dismantle its networks. Tiedämme, että demokraattisten valtioiden ensisijaisena velvollisuutena on torjua terrorismia ja hajottaa terroristiverkostot. Mr President, it is with bananas of all things that the USA is currently making huge efforts to dismantle the WTO. Arvoisa puhemies, USA hajottaa tällä hetkellä WTO: ta nimenomaan banaanien avulla. The recent declaration by Sharon that he plans to dismantle most of the 21 Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip is a step in the right direction. Sharonin äskettäin antama lausunto, jonka mukaan useimmat Gazan kaistalla sijaitsevista 21 juutalaissiirtokunnasta aiotaan hajottaa, on oikeansuuntainen.
  • disintegrate
  • dissociate
    Some countries have felt that it is a good idea to dissociate themselves from this responsibility and to delegate it to private companies. Jotkin maat ovat pitäneet hyvänä voida hajottaa tämä velvollisuus ja siirtää se yksityisyrityksille. A number of group members wish to dissociate themselves from the majority.After the big fight, the gang totally dissociated from each other.
  • break out
    They broke out of prison in the middle of the night.The brigade succeeded in breaking out of the pocket and reunited with friendly forces.Break out the bubbly and celebrate.
  • break up
    This was intended to break up and destroy the Solidarity trade union. Tarkoituksena oli hajottaa ja tuhota Solidaarisuus-ammattiliike. What indeed will we do about the demand to break up Macedonia (or should that still be FYROM)? Mitä aiomme tosiaankin tehdä vaatimukselle hajottaa Makedonia (vai pitäisikö puhua edelleen entisestä Jugoslavian tasavallasta Makedoniasta)? That would pave the way for the Council to reconsider this matter and to possibly break up the existing qualified minority. Tällä luotaisiin edellytykset sille, että neuvosto tarkastelee asiaa uudelleen ja mahdollisesti hajottaa nykyisen määrävähemmistön.
  • crack
    Its been so dry, the ground is starting to crack.When I tried to stand on the chair, it cracked.Anyone would crack after being hounded like that.
  • decompose
    Bacteria and microbes cause it to decompose if it is taken away from its oxygen-free state. Bakteeri- ja mikrobitoiminta hajottaa sen, jos se nostetaan hapettomasta tilastaan.
  • diffuse
    Food coloring diffuses in water.The riot diffused quite suddenly.Such a diffuse effort is unlikely to produce good results.
  • dismember
    Death by drawing and quartering usually dismembered the condemned person.The killer methodically dismembered the bodies of his victims.The American Civil War nearly dismembered the Union.
  • filter
    He runs an email filter to catch the junk mailHes got no filter, and hes always offending people as a resultThe collection of cofinite subsets of ℝshould not be italicized is a filter under inclusion: it includes the intersection of every pair of its members, and includes every superset of every cofinite set.
  • fragment
    Without that, we will be exposed to different threats and attempts to divide us, to fragment us. Muutoin altistumme erilaisille uhille ja pyrkimyksille luoda keskuuteemme kuilu, hajottaa meidät leireihin. a fragment of an ancient writingI heard a small fragment of the conversation.
  • resolve
    I regard it as an unforgivable failure of the European Union that it has not been able to resolve the crisis between Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. Pidän sitä Euroopan unionilta anteeksiantamattomana epäonnistumisena, ettei sen onnistu hajottaa Kreikan, Turkin ja Kyproksen muodostamaa kriisivyöhykettä. to resolve a riddleI’ll have to resolve the equation with the new values
  • scatter
    The crowd scattered in terror.Her ashes were scattered at the top of a scatter hopes or plans
  • spread
    He spread his newspaper on the tableI spread my arms wide and welcomed him homeI spread the rice grains evenly over the floor
  • strew
    to strew sand over a floorLeaves strewed the ground.
  • degrade (bacteria ~ biological material
  • disband
    The president wanted to disband the scandal-plagued agency.I used to be in a punk band, but we disbanded in the early 1980s.
  • dismiss
    Yes, the legal framework order was reintroduced by the president, giving him powers to dismiss the parliament. Pitää paikkansa, että presidentti antoi oikeudellisen puitemääräyksen, joka antoi hänelle vallan hajottaa parlamentin. The right to dismiss the Commission by a two-thirds majority also remains, but now we are also supposed to elect the President of the Commission by a two-thirds majority! Myös oikeus hajottaa komissio kahden kolmasosan enemmistöllä pysyy voimassa, mutta nyt meidän oletetaan valitsevan myös komission puheenjohtaja kahden kolmasosan enemmistöllä! It would lead to a marked weakening of Parliament's role, as up to now the Commission has been accountable to Parliament alone, and Parliament alone has been able to dismiss the Commission. Tämä johtaisi parlamentin roolin selvään heikentymiseen, sillä tähän asti komissio on ollut vastuussa yksin parlamentille ja yksin parlamentti on voinut hajottaa komission.
  • dissipate
  • factor
    The factor of the trading post bought the fursMy factor sends me word, a merchants fled / That owes me for a hundred tun of wine1985 Haynes Owners Workshop Manual, BMW
  • knock down
    That infamous wall was constructed and supported by those who today want to knock down the Israeli wall. Tuon häpeällisen muurin rakensivat ja sitä kannattivat ne, jotka nyt haluavat hajottaa Israelin muurin. As I took the can off the shelf, I knocked down the one beside it.We knocked down the garden shed when we moved.
  • kone
  • part
    China has announced its intentions to repeal parts of the Bill of Rights Ordinance and 25 other ordinances and to abolish the directly elected legislative Council. Kiina on ilmoittanut aikovansa kumota osia perustuslakiasetuksesta ja 25 muusta asetuksesta sekä hajottaa suoraan vaaleilla valitun lainsäädäntöneuvoston. We are equally worried by the events of January, sparked off by the decision of the Turkish Constitutional Court to order the dissolution of the Prosperity Party, to which Mr Erdogan belonged. Olemme samoin huolestuneita viime tammikuun mielenosoituksista, jotka aiheutuvat Turkin perustuslakituomioistuimen päätöksestä hajottaa hyvinvointipuolue, johon herra Erdogan kuului. Gaul is divided into three parts
  • smash
    Once upon a time, those who did not see the new age wanted to smash Gutenberg's printing press. Kerran ne, jotka eivät ymmärtäneet uutta aikaa, halusivat hajottaa Gutenbergin painokoneen. I could hear the screech of the brakes, then the horrible smash of cars colliding.The driver and two passengers were badly injured in the smash.
  • splinter
    The tall tree splintered during the storm.His third kick splintered the door.The government splintered when the coalition members could not agree.
  • take apart
    I carefully took the clock mechanism apart to clean it.
  • tear down
  • To break, smash.
  • To dissolve, dismiss, disband.
  • To out), scatter, strew (about/around).
  • To scatter, disperse, break up, dissipate, drive off (in all directions), send scurrying.
  • To take apart, dismantle (a machine).
  • To tear down, knock down, demolish (a building).
  • winnow
    They winnowed the field to twelve.They winnowed the winners from the losers.They winnowed the losers from the winners.

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