Sanan harmillinen käännös suomi-englanti

  • regrettable
    The officers actions were regrettable, yes, but theres nothing to be done now but to relocate everyone to the mainland in a calm and orderly manner
  • vexatious
    a vexatious lawsuita vexatious litigant
  • annoying
    The last point is quite an annoying one. Viimeinen kohta on varsin harmillinen. Vandals are really annoying.
  • bite
    As soon as you bite that sandwich, youll know how good it is.That dog is about to bite!If you see me, come and say hello. I dont bite.
  • blow
    Blow the dust off that book and open it up.The leaves blow through the streets in the blow the fire
  • bogus
    bogus laws
  • bothersome
  • bunk
  • chew
    Make sure to chew thoroughly, and dont talk with your mouth full!The steak was tough to chew as it had been cooked too long.He keeps his feed in steel drums to prevent the mice from chewing holes in the feed-sacks.
  • chump
    That chump wouldnt know his ass from a hole in the ground.It shouldnt be hard to put one over on that chump.
  • durge
  • fake
    Which fur coat looks fake?to fake a marriageto fake happiness
  • harmful
    Wear a hat to protect your skin from harmful sunlight.
  • irksome
    He has this irksome habit of racing up to red lights, so he has to brake heavily.
  • irritating
  • troublesome
    The computer has been very troublesome for me. It never works when I need to use it.
  • vexing

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