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  • bark
    The neighbours dog is always barking.The seal barked as the zookeeper threw fish into its enclosure.The sergeant barked an order.
  • bay
    to bay the bear
  • bad mouth (someone
  • bad-mouth
  • baste
  • bawl
  • belabour
  • bitch
    My bitch just had puppies; theyre so cute!Ann gossiped about me and mocked my work; sometimes she can be a real bitch!Dude, dont be such a bitch. Assert yourself.
  • blast
    many tons of iron were melted at a blastWe had a blast at the party last e-mail blast; a fax blast
  • call names
  • denigrate
    You have no right to denigrate people and things that you have no personal experience with
  • denounce
    to denounce someone as a swindler, or as a cowardto denounce a confederate in crimeto denounce someone to the authorities
  • dis
  • diss
  • get up
    The tired horse eventually got up and over the hurdle.Im having difficulty getting up the stairs.I didnt get up until midday.
  • heckle
    Promise that you wont heckle me after my performance.
  • jump on
    Jump on a nº9 bus, and it will take you more or less to the door.I hate the way shes always jumping on me for the slightest little mistake
  • lam
  • lambaste
    The sergeant lambasted the new recruits daily.Her first novel was well and truly lambasted by the critics.
  • lay out
    She laid the blocks out in a circle on the floor
  • rail
    We travelled to the seaside by rail.a small Scottish village not accessible by railWere experimenting with ads in the right-hand rail.
  • rebuke
  • rubbish
    The rubbish is collected every Thursday in Gloucester, but on Wednesdays in Cheltenham.Everything the teacher said during that lesson was rubbish. How can she possibly think that a bass viol and a cello are the same thing?Much of what they sell is rubbish
  • scold
  • scorch
  • slag
  • slam
    Dont slam the door!Dont slam that trunk down on the pavement!Dont ever slam me in front of the boss like that again!
  • tell off
  • To call (sb) names.
  • To criticise/criticize, attack, abuse.
  • woof
  • yelp
    The puppy let out a yelp when I stepped on her tail.The children yelped with delight as they played in the cold water.
  • yip
  • zing
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