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  • swing
    The plant swung in the breeze.The children laughed as they swung.It wasnt long before the crowds mood swung towards restless irritability.
  • oscillate
    A pendulum oscillates slower as it gets longer.The mood for change oscillated from day to day.
  • careen
  • jiggle
    Give the key a jiggle and see if it opens.Jiggle the handle and see if the water stops.The jelly jiggled in the bowl for a few moments after it was set down.
  • loiter
    For some reason, they discourage loitering outside the store, but encourage it inside
  • sway
    The old song caused a little sway in everyone in the room.I doubt Ill hold much sway with someone so powerful.sway to the music; The trees swayed in the breeze
  • vacillate
  • waver
    Flowers wavered in the breeze.His voice wavered when the reporter brought up the controversial topic.Despite all terrible things which eventually happened to her, she never wavered from his beliefs.
  • bob
    The cork bobbed gently in the calm water.The ball, which we had thought lost, suddenly bobbed up out of the water.The flowers were bobbing in the wind.
  • flop
    He flopped down in front of the television, exhausted from work.The tired mule flopped its ears forward and trudged on.The latest album flopped and so the studio canceled her contract.
  • wag
    Pascal Salin once said that exchange rates are like a dog's tail: the dog must be allowed to wag its tail, because if you hold it, then the dog will wag itself. Pascal Salin on sanonut kerran, että vaihtokurssit ovat kuin koiran häntä: koiran on annettava heiluttaa häntäänsä, sillä jos sen estää, koira alkaa itse heilua. The wag of my dogs tail expresses happiness.
  • wiggle
    Her hips wiggle as she walks.The jelly wiggles on the plate when you move it.She walked with a sexy wiggle.

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