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  • ace
    I have the ace of diamonds
  • clout
  • corpuscle
  • drama dram of brandy
  • hair's breadth
  • hint
    I needed a hint to complete the crosswordHe gave me a hint that my breath smeltThere was a hint of irony in his voice
  • iota
    As a Greek numeral, iota represents ten.There are twelve iotas on that page.
  • jotHe didnt care a jot for his work.Tell me your order, so I can jot it down.
  • mite
  • motea wardmote in the city of Londona folk mote
  • pill
    Jane went on the pill when she left for college.She got pregnant one month after going off the pill.Pilling is a skill rarely used by modern pharmacists.
  • point
    The Congress debated the finer points of the billThere comes a point in a marathon when some people give upAt this point in the meeting, Id like to propose a new item for the agenda
  • scintillaa scintilla of hope
  • shredThere isnt a shred of evidence to support his claims.
  • smidgen
    Would you like some more cake? — Ill have a smidgenMove it a smidgen to the right
  • snipI dont want you to take much hair off; just snip my mullet off.That wholesale lot on eBay was a snip at $10
  • speck
    a tiny speck of sootHe has not a speck of moneypaper specked by impurities in the water used in its manufacture
  • touch
    If you touch her, Ill kill youHe quickly touched his knee to the worn marble.The demonstrator nearly touched the rod on the ball.
  • trifle
    You must not trifle with her affections.
  • whitHe worked tirelessly to collect and wind a ball of string eight feet around, and it matters not one whit.

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