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  • appear
    Small adverts began to appear in the press, offering to exchange spacious flats in Warsaw for sleeping bags in New York. Lehtiin alkoi ilmestyä pieniä ilmoituksia, joissa tarjottiin mahdollisuutta vaihtaa tilava huoneisto Varsovassa makuupussiin New Yorkissa. Secondly, I note that there are, in fact, hairline cracks beginning to appear in the regime, specifically in religious circles. Toiseksi totean, että hallintoon on alkanut ilmestyä hiusmurtumia, erityisesti uskonnollisissa piireissä. Finally, I fail to understand why even the internal newsletter Commission en direct should appear almost exclusively in English. En myöskään käsitä, miksi jopa komission sisäinen viikkolehti Commission en direct pitäisi ilmestyä lähes yksinomaan englanniksi.
  • be issued
  • be released
  • come out
    The mouse came out of the hole.It finally came out that he had been lying all the time.My new book comes out next week.
  • drop
    Put three drops of oil into the mixtureOn one side of the road was a 50-foot dropThat was a long drop, but fortunately I didnt break any bones
  • emerge
    He emerged unscathed from the accidentThe Soviet Union emerged from the ruins of an empireThe submarine emerged from the ocean
  • pop up
    The toast is in the toaster - when it pops up it will be readyI cant remember where I left my keys, but they normally pop up somewhere
  • spring up
    A breeze had sprung up, pushing the ship back within range of the Spanish cannons
  • to come out
  • come along
    Id like you to come along with me to the opera.The renovation is coming along nicely, and should be ready within a month.The kayak was tied to the roof of her car with two come alongs.
  • come into view
  • emergence
  • issue
    Those experts groups may raise these two issues, among others, upon the first report scheduled for April 2004. Asiantuntijaryhmät saattavat ottaa nämä kaksi kysymystä esille muiden asioiden ohella ensimmäisessä kertomuksessaan, jonka on määrä ilmestyä huhtikuussa 2004. The technique minimizes the issue of blood from the incision.He died lawyered up.
  • release
    The video store advertised that it had all the latest releasesThey marked the occasion with a release of butterfliesHe released his grasp on the lever
  • show up
    Please come on time; dont just show up whenever you feel like it.No matter how many I throw away, more copies always show up.Stains show up easily on this white tablecloth.
  • To appear, come in sight.
  • To be issued, be released.
  • To emerge.
  • turn up
    Is this your pencil that turned up in my drawer?I dont like people turning up without an appointmentI spent hours in the archives, but couldnt turn up anything on the alleged criminal.


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