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  • point
    It could be the high point of the northern dimension. Se voisi olla pohjoisen ulottuvuuden kärki. The second point of the triangle is social and economic cohesion. Toinen kolmion kärki on sosiaalinen ja taloudellinen yhteenkuuluvuus. Looking at him, though, perhaps he is not quite as pointed as a spearhead. Vaikkakin - kun häntä katsoo, " kärki" ei kenties olekaan hänestä kaikkein osuvin sana.
  • cusp
  • head/translations
  • tip
    the tip of ones nosea tip for an umbrella, a shoe, a gas burner, etcchicken tips over rice, pork tips, marinated alligator tips
  • edge
    I have the edge on himThe cup is right on the edge of the tableHe is standing on the edge of a precipice
  • head
    Be careful when you pet that dog on the head; it may biteThe company is looking for people with good heads for businessHe has no head for heights
  • leading edge
  • peak
    The stock market reached a peak in September 1929They reached the peak after 8 hours of climbingpeak-halyards
  • pile
    When we were looking for a new housemate, we put the nice woman on the "maybe" pile, and the annoying guy on the "no" pile.a pile of shotThey were piling up wood on the wheelbarrow
  • prong
    a pitchfork with four prongsthe two prongs of a river
  • toe
    to toe the markThe framers toed the irregular pieces into the sill.
  • top
    His kite got caught at the top of the treeWe flipped the machine onto its topHeadings appear at the tops of pages
  • ''(kulman
  • apex
    the apex of the buildingthe apex of civilizationAn apex predator, also known as an alpha predator or top predator, is a predator at the top of a food chain, with no natural predators
  • center
    shopping center, convention center, civic center, garment center, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Rockefeller Centerthe center of the controversythe center of attention
  • crop
    the farmer had lots of crops to sell at the marketit was a good crop that yeara crop of ideas
  • cutting edge
    The company prides itself for staying at the cutting edge of technology
  • end
    At the end of the road, turn leftAt the end of the story, the main characters fall in loveIs there no end to this madness?
  • front
    Officially its a dry-cleaning shop, but everyone knows its a front for the mafiaHe says he likes hip-hop, but I think its just a frontYou dont need to put on a front. Just be yourself
  • kartion)'' vertex
  • lead/translations
  • spire
    The spire of the church rose high above the town.
  • sponge
    He has been sponging off his friends for a month nowto sponge a breakfast
  • sting
    Right so came out an adder of a little heathbush, and it stung a knight in the foot.Still, it stung when a slightly older acquaintance asked me why I couldnt do any better.My hand stings after knocking on the door so long.
  • tine
  • vertex

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