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  • heap
    a heap of earth or stonesYou should move these structures from the stack to the heap to avoid a potential stack overflow.My first car was an old heap.
  • moundI seem to remember a publicity stunt that featured an enormous mound of bottles which were no longer going to be returned for refilling but were simply going to be dumped in a landfill site. Muistan erään julkisuustempun, jossa aiottiin vain kumota kaatopaikalle valtava kasa pulloja, joita ei enää palautettu täytettäviksi. He mounded up his mashed potatoes so they left more space on the plate for the meat.
  • pile
    We must build more than just a pile of paper round the Lisbon Strategy. Meidän on saatava Lissabonin strategian ympärille muutakin kuin kasa paperia. In some respects, it is more like a pile of loose bricks. Se on joissakin asioissa pikemminkin kasa irtokiviä. When we were looking for a new housemate, we put the nice woman on the "maybe" pile, and the annoying guy on the "no" pile.
  • crowd
    The man crowded into the packed roomThey crowded through the archway and into the parkHe tried to crowd too many cows into the cow-pen
  • drift
    a drift of snow, of ice, of sand, etcgenetic driftThe boat drifted away from the shore
  • hump
    get the hump, have the hump, take the hump, give someone the humpThat guy is such a hump!Stop humping the table, you sicko
  • lump
    Stir the gravy until there are no more lumps.a lump of coal; a lump of clay; a lump of cheeseThe money arrived all at once as one big lump sum payment.
  • mass
    The mass of spectators didnt see the infraction on the fieldA mass of ships converged on the beaches of DunkirkThe masses are revolting
  • mountain
    Everest is the highest mountain in the world.We spent the weekend hiking in the mountains.He was a real mountain of a man, standing seven feet tall.
  • peckThe birds pecked at their food.to peck a hole in a treeHe has been pecking away at that project for some time now.
  • reamI cant go – I still have reams of work left
  • stackPlease bring me a chair from that stack in the cornera LIFO queue. A stack dynamically changes its size and the address of its top-most elementUsually the "bottom
  • swagI can take a swag at the answer, but it may not be right.
  • ten
    We divided the chocolates into tens to hand out to Halloween visitors.Can you give me two tens for this twenty?

Sanan kasa määritelmät

  • pieni kumpare hienojakoista ainetta
  • satunnaiseen järjestykseen pinotut tavarat, läjä


  • kasa hiekkaa levitettäväksi

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