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  • plate
    I filled my plate from the bountiful table.I ate a plate of beans.The meat plate was particularly tasty.
  • disk
    A coin is a disk of metal.Venus disk cut off light from the Sun.Turn the disk over, after it has finished.
  • board
    Each player starts the game with four counters on the board.We have to wait to hear back from the boardRoom and board
  • cymbal
  • disc
    I think we all agree that it is the compact disc which can be patented, not the work of Dante or Shakespeare. Uskon kaikkien olevan yksimielisiä siitä, että CD-levy voidaan patentoida, ei Danten tai Shakespearen teos. A coin is a disc of metal.Venuss disc cut off light from the Sun.
  • drive
    Crassus had wealth and wit, but Pompey had drive and Caesar as much againNapoleons drive on Moscow was as determined as it was disastrousSome old model trains have clockwork drives
  • leaf
    gold leafThe train car has one single-leaf and two double-leaf doors per sideThe lettuce in our burgers is 100% hand-leafed.
  • optinen) disc
  • panel
    Behind the picture was a panel on the wall.Todays panel includes John Smith.The last panel of a comic strip usually contains a punchline.
  • record
    We are not a record which you play over and over again. Me emme ole CD-levy, jota soitetaan yhä uudelleen. This is not a proposal for the benefit of record labels. Tätä ehdotusta ei ole tehty levy-yhtiöiden eduksi. Today, 95% of what is distributed comes from the four big record companies. Tällä hetkellä 95 prosenttia levitettävästä materiaalista on peräisin neljältä suurelta levy-yhtiöltä.
  • sheet
    fore sheets; stern sheetsRemember to sheet the floor before you start painting.We couldnt go out because the rain was sheeting down all day long.
  • slab
  • splint
    1900 But it so happened that I had a man in the hospital at the time, and going there to see about him the day before the opening of the Inquiry, I saw in the white mens ward that little chap tossing on his back, with his arm in splints, and quite light-headed. Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim, [,+Joseph,+1857-1924:+Lord+Jim,+1899-1900&query=splints&id=ConLord Chapter 5.]1819 The fore-part of his thighs, where the folds of his mantle permitted them to be seen, were also covered with linked mail; the knees and feet were defended by splints, or thin plates of steel, ingeniously jointed upon each other; and mail hose, reaching from the ankle to the knee, effectually protected the legs, and completed the riders defensive armour. — Walter Scott, Ivanhoe, [,+Walter:+Ivanhoe.+A+Romance,+1819&query=defended+by+splints&id=ScoIvan Chapter 1.]
  • stick
    !--branchesThe birds nest was made out of sticks.}}twigs--What do you call a boomerang that wont come back? A stick.}}I found enough sticks in dumpsters at construction sites to build my shed
  • tablet
    Many people take vitamin tablets as a food supplement.

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