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  • crack
    Its been so dry, the ground is starting to crack.When I tried to stand on the chair, it cracked.Anyone would crack after being hounded like that.
  • break
    Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, we are seeing the typical Friday effect, as Parliament starts to break up and we are reduced to fewer and fewer Members. Arvoisa puhemies ja hyvät naiset ja herrat, voimme nähdä taas tavanomaisen perjantain vaikutuksen, että parlamentti alkaa taas murtua, ja meitä on paikalla yhä vähemmän. If the vase falls to the floor, it might breakIn order to tend to the accident victim, he will break the window of the car
  • breach
    A clear breach is when the waves roll over the vessel without breaking. A clean breach is when everything on deck is swept away.breach of promiseThey breached the outer wall, but not the main one.
  • break down
    I am afraid my computer will break down if I try to run it at too high a speedTalks broke down between Prime Minister John Doe and the opposition partyRelations broke down between Greece and Turkey
  • break off
  • burst
    I blew the balloon up too much, and it burstI burst the balloon when I blew it up too muchI printed the report on form-feed paper, then burst the sheets
  • cave
    We found a cave on the mountainside where we could take shelterThis wine has been aged in our cave for thirty yearsMy room was a cozy cave where I could escape from my family
  • crack up
    It was hilarious. We were cracking up the whole time.The joke about the nuns in the bath cracked me up.She got through the war, but cracked up when her sister died.
  • crumble
    The empire crumbled when the rulers indiscretions came to light.We crumbled some bread into the water.Using your fingers, crumble the ingredients with the fingertips, lifting in an upward motion, until the mixture is sandy and resembles large breadcrumbs.
  • fall apart
    My old briefcase is falling apart. Ill have to buy a new one.As a result of being addicted to heroin, she was falling apart.
  • fall to pieces
    The covers of the old book fell to pieces when I picked it up.When I found out my mother had passed away that night, I fell to pieces.
  • fracture
  • rupture

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