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  • knob
  • bean
    I havent got a beanThe pitcher beaned the batter, rather than letting him hit another home run
  • block
    a block of icea block of stoneAnne Boleyn placed her head on the block and awaited her execution.
  • bobtail
  • butt
    Get up off your butt and get to work.I can see your butt.When the woman in the dress was sitting with her legs up, I could see up her butt.
  • cascabel
  • nob
    Jack and Jill went up the hill / to fetch a pail of water; / Jack fell down and broke his crown / and Jill came tumbling after. / Up Jack got and home did trot, / as fast as he could caper, / to old Dame Dob / to mend his nob / with vinegar and brown paper.One for his nob.
  • nut
    There are many sort of nuts: peanuts, cashews, pistachios, Brazil nuts and moreHe was driving his car like a nut.I kicked him in the nuts
  • pommel
  • top
    His kite got caught at the top of the treeWe flipped the machine onto its topHeadings appear at the tops of pages
  • truck
    Mexican open-bed trucks haul most of the fresh produce that comes into the United States from Mexico.Last week, Cletus trucked 100 pounds of lumber up to Dubuque.Keep on trucking!
  • finial
  • head
    Be careful when you pet that dog on the head; it may biteThe company is looking for people with good heads for businessHe has no head for heights

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