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  • bag
    Acid House is not my bag: I prefer the more traditional styles of musicThe grounder hit the bag and bounced over the fielder’s headHe headed back to the bag
  • bilge
  • bluff
    That is only bluff, or a bluffJohns bet was a bluff: he bet without even so much as a pairJohn bluffed by betting without even a pair
  • mushroom
    Some mushrooms are edible and taste good, while others are poisonous and taste foulmushroom cloudThe town’s population mushroomed from 10,000 to 110,000 in five years
  • snowball
    The high unemployment rates quickly snowballed into a major budget problem for the government.
  • surge
    He felt a surge of excitement.A power surge at that generator created a blackout across the whole district.Toaster sales surged last year
  • swell
    Rains and dissolving snow swell the rivers in spring.The organ music be swelled with pride or haughtiness
  • balloon
    the balloon of St. Pauls Cathedral in LondonHis stomach ballooned from eating such a large meal.Prices will balloon if we dont act quickly.
  • bloat
    bloated herringAdding an e-mail feature to this simple text editor would be pointless bloat.
  • crescendo
    Their fighting rose in a fearsome crescendo.Their arguing rose to a fearsome crescendo.The band crescendoed and then suddenly went silent.
  • dilate
    The eye doctor put drops in my eye to dilate the pupil so he could see the nerve better.His heart dilates and glories in his strength.
  • puff up
    We puffed up the balloonsSmall birds puff up while sleeping to keep warmThe angry cat hissed and puffed up its fur

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