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  • cover
    A bad smell must not be covered by another smell. Pahaa hajua ei saa peittää toisella hajulla. I have to cover my face with paper towels and run through to my office. Minun täytyy peittää kasvoni paperipyyhkeillä ja juosta takaisin työhuoneeseeni. It is not a question of covering the European area with a patchwork of statutes. Eurooppaa ei pidä peittää sääntöjen narrinkaavulla.
  • drape
    to drape a bust, a building, etc.I draped my towel over the radiator to dry.
  • blanket
    The baby was cold, so his mother put a blanket over him.The city woke under a thick blanket of fog.A press operator must carefully wash the blanket whenever changing a plate.
  • coat
    When the dog shed its coat, it left hair all over the furniture and the carpetThe frying pan was coated with a layer of non-stick material, making it easier to wash
  • conceal
    We should not conceal our own problems and point an accusing finger just at Turkey. Me emme saa peittää omia ongelmiamme ja osoittaa syyttävällä sormella vain Turkkia. Is it to conceal this contradiction that the two documents are not the subjects of a joint debate? Käsitelläänkö näitä kahta asiakirjaa erikseen juuri siksi, että halutaan peittää niiden synnyttämä ristiriita? Yet the number of victims alone should concern us, if it were not concealed by the effects of poverty. Jo pelkän uhrien määrän pitäisi saada meidät havahtumaan, mutta köyhyys ilmeisesti peittää ongelman näkyvistä.
  • disguise
    This could disguise the true condition of the food. Näin voidaan peittää elintarvikkeen todellinen kunto. Next, it taught us how to completely disguise a lack of judgment with alarmist speeches and arm waving. Toiseksi tämä epidemia opetti meille, miten pätevyyden puute voidaan täysin peittää pelkoa lietsovilla puheilla ja hosumisella. That cannot, in any event, disguise the tragic situation of over a million people caught in the crossfire. Tämä ei voi missään tapauksessa peittää niiden yli miljoonan henkilön traagista tilannetta, jotka ovat joutuneet ristituleen.
  • drown
    The shrill voice of the rejectionist must not be allowed to drown us out. Vastustajien kiivas ääni ei saa peittää meidän ääntämme kuuluvista. It drowns out calls and disorientates the animals, scaring them away from their usual habitats, where they feed and reproduce. Se peittää alleen kutsut ja saattaa eläimet hakoteille säikyttäen ne pois luonnollisesta elinympäristöstään, jossa ne ruokailevat ja lisääntyvät. When I was a baby, I nearly drowned in the bathtub.
  • hide
    A return to growth can only hide the weaknesses of the European economy; it cannot remove them. Uusi kasvukausi ainoastaan peittää alleen Euroopan talouden heikkoudet, eikä se voi niitä poistaa. Nevertheless, having analysed the Commission's proposals, I cannot hide my enormous disappointment. Komission ehdotusten analysoimisen jälkeen en voi kuitenkaan peittää suunnatonta pettymystäni. The truth of the matter is that you are again trying to hide the fact that this project is not working. Totuus on se, että jälleen yritetään peittää sitä, että tämä hanke ei toimi.
  • invest
    Wed like to thank all the contributors who have invested countless hours into this invest a town
  • obfuscate
    Before leaving the scene, the murderer set a fire to obfuscate any evidence of his or her identity.We need to obfuscate these classes before we ship the final release.
  • obstruct
    They obstructed my progress.
  • overlay
  • plaster
    We run the risk of losing much blood whilst we try to stem its flow with a small sticking plaster. Vaarana voi olla, että menetämme paljon verta yrittäessämme peittää haavaa laastarilla. to plaster a wallto plaster a wound
  • sheet
    Use the sheets in the hall closet to make the bed.A sheet of paper measuring eight and one-half inches wide by eleven inches high is a popular item in commerce.Paper is designated “20 pound” if a stack (ream) of 500 sheets 22 inches by 17 inches weighs 20 pounds.
  • shill
  • slur
    a racial slurto slur syllables; He slurs his speech when he is drunk
  • smear
    The artist smeared paint over the canvas in broad strokes.She smeared her lips with lipstick.The opposition party attempted to smear the candidate by spreading incorrect and unverifiable rumors about their personal behavior
  • top
    His kite got caught at the top of the treeWe flipped the machine onto its topHeadings appear at the tops of pages
  • blot out
    The moon blotted out the sun and all was dark
  • canopy
  • carpet
    After the fire, they carpeted over the blackened hardwood flooring.The builders were carpeting in the living room when Zadie inspected her new house.Popcorn and candy wrappers carpeted the floor of the cinema.
  • case
    Without such precautious, the worst case would be that the vaccine would hide the infection and allow the disease to spread despite the birds having been vaccinated. Pahimmassa tapauksessa rokote voi ilman näitä varotoimia peittää tartunnan olemassaolon ja antaa taudin levitä, vaikka linnut olisikin rokotettu. For a change, in this case, he was telling the truthIt is not the case that every unfamiliar phrase is an idiom
  • cloak
    Its lack of sensitivity cloaks a basic problem: the institutions have limited autonomy to deepen and broaden the principle of equality of treatment. Sen vastaanottokyvyn puute peittää perimmäisen ongelman: instituutioiden rajoitettu autonomia tasa-arvoisen kohtelun periaatteen syventämisessä ja yleistämisessä. Night hid her movements with its cloak of darknessRobert South
  • compensate
    It is hard work, but they will compensate you well for it.His loud voice cannot compensate for a lack of personality.To compensate me for his tree landing on my shed, my neighbor paved my driveway.
  • cozen
  • encase
  • engulf
    Desperation engulfed her after her daughters death.Only Noah and his family survived when the Flood engulfed the world.
  • envelop
  • occult
    The Earth occults the Moon during a lunar eclipse.occult blood loss; occult cancerBe aware that occult knowledge can be used for good or evil purposes. ― Pao Chang, "Words Are Magic Spells: Why You Practice the Occult Every Day",
  • overwhelm
    The dinghy was overwhelmed by the great wave.In December 1939 the Soviet Union attacked Finland with overwhelming force.He was overwhelmed with guilt.
  • patch
    His sleeves had patches on the elbows where different fabric had been sewn on to replace material that had worn away.I cant afford to replace the roof, which is what it really needs. Ill have the roofer apply a patch.Before you can fix a dam, you have to apply a patch to the hole so that everything can dry off.or that it is temporary because it is not meant to last long or will be removed as soon as a proper repair can be made, which will happen in the near future
  • pave
  • span
    He has a short attention span and gets bored within minutesThe suspension bridge spanned the canyon as tenuously as one could imagine.The parking lot spans three acres.
  • suffuse
    The entire room was suffused with a golden light.The warmth suffused his cold fingers.
  • swathe
  • To cover.
  • wreathe

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