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  • kick ass
    Did you win? We didnt just win, we kicked ass.The soundtrack to this film really kicks ass!Kick ass! I just got my friend to stop playing that stupid song!
  • batter
    The firemen battered down the doorI prefer it when they batter the cod with breadcrumbsLeeds United battered Charlton 7-0
  • belabour
  • brutalise
  • clobber
  • flog
  • paddle
    We had a nice paddle this morning.The paddle practically ousted the British cane for spankings in the independent US.A sea turtles paddles make it swim almost as fast as land tortoises are slow
  • pan
  • pelt
    They pelted the attacking army with bullets.The children pelted apples at us.Its pelting down out there!
  • stomp
    She obliterated the cockroach with one stomp.
  • whip
    I had to use the whip to get the sheeps attention.Once he ran out of appeals, he knew he would soon feel the sting of the whip.I was going to vote against the bill, but the party whip came to see me and made it clear I needed to vote for it.
  • whoop
  • baste
  • bastinade
  • bastinado
  • beat
    a beat of the heart; the beat of the pulseto walk the beatthe beat of him
  • beat up
    I got beaten up by thugs on my way home.Dont beat yourself up over such a minor beat up for recruits, or for volunteers
  • belabor
  • duff up
  • lam
  • lambaste
    The sergeant lambasted the new recruits dailyHer first novel was well and truly lambasted by the critics
  • plaster
    to plaster a wallto plaster a woundHer face was plastered with mud.
  • thrash
  • To beat, thrash, whip, lash.
  • to give someone a hiding
  • trounce
    The Mexican team trounced the Americans by 10 goals to 1.
  • welt

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