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  • dearth
  • shortage
    There is too great a shortage of customs staff. Tullihenkilöstöstä on liian suuri pula. Predictions suggest that there will be a shortage of workers. Ennusteiden mukaan työntekijöistä tulee olemaan pula. There is a shortage of medicines, there is not enough power, etc. Lääkkeistä on pula, energiaa ei ole tarpeeksi jne.
  • deep water
    You will be in deep water if you are found copying work from other students.
  • distress
    a pair of distressed jeansShe distressed the new media cabinet so that it fit with the other furniture in the room
  • jam
    A traffic jam caused us to miss the games first period.a jam of logs in a riverWe came up with some new ideas at the game jam.
  • lack
    It is budgetary resources that Europe sorely lacks. Euroopalla on huutava pula talousarviovaroista. Unfortunately, there is still a glaring lack of resources. Valitettavasti voimavaroista on yhä huutava pula. The World Health Fund is sorely lacking in financial resources. Maailman terveysrahaston toimintaa haittaa huutava pula taloudellisista resursseista.
  • scarcity
    a scarcity of grain
  • scrape
    She scraped her fingernails across the blackboard, making a shrill sound.She scraped the blackboard with her fingernails.Her fingernails scraped across the blackboard.
  • trouble
    He was in trouble when the rain startedThe trouble was a leaking brake line.   The trouble with that suggestion is that we lack the funds to put it in motion.   The bridge column magnified the trouble with a slight tilt in the wrong directionthe troubles in Northern Ireland
  • want
    What do you want to eat? I want you to leave. I never wanted to go back to live with my motherThe game developers of Candy Crush want you to waste large, copious amounts of your money on in-game purchases to buy boosters and lives.Depression wants you to feel like the world is dark and that you are not worthy of happiness. The first step to making your life better from this day forward is to stop believing these lies.

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