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  • debris
  • scrap
    I found a scrap of cloth to patch the hole.Give the scraps to the dogs and watch them fight.pork scraps
  • clunker
  • crock
    old crocks’ homehome for the agedold crocks race
  • heap
    a heap of earth or stonesYou should move these structures from the stack to the heap to avoid a potential stack overflow.My first car was an old heap.
  • junk
    junk fish; junk trees(On Facebook, a record collector wrote:) "The newest addition to my Annette Hanshaw collection, I junked this beautiful flawless E-copy within walking distance from my house."
  • piece
    I’d like another piece of pieI’m a piece of humanitya piece of machinery
  • shed
    To shed something in two.To shed the sheep from the lambs.A metal comb shed her golden hair.
  • trash
    I am Harry Potter trash.The burglars trashed the house.to trash the rattoons of sugar cane
  • wreck
    He was an emotional wreck after the death of his wife.He wrecked the car in a collision.That adulterous hussy wrecked my marriage!
  • wreckage
  • write-off

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