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  • make up
    He can make up the time next weekI plan to make up for my failed midtermCuba took limited free market-oriented measures to alleviate severe shortages of food, consumer goods, and services to make up for the ending of Soviet subsidies
  • coin
    She spent some serious coin on that car!Whats the best coin to buy right now?to coin silver dollars; to coin a medal
  • write
    The pupil wrote his name on the paperYour son has been writing on the wallMy uncle writes newspaper articles for The Herald
  • fable
  • fabricate
    to fabricate a bridge or shipto fabricate computer chipsto fabricate a lie or story
  • forge
    The politicians recent actions are an effort to forge a relationship with undecided votersThe jury learned the documents had been forgedThe party of explorers forged through the thick underbrush.
  • indite
  • invent
    After weeks of hard work, I invented a new way to alphabetize matchbooks.I knew I had to invent an excuse, and quickly.We need a name to put in this form, so lets just invent one.
  • make out
    Cheques may be made out to the Foo Bar CompanyIn the distance, I could just make out a shadowy figure.Oh, you were on a TV game show? How did you make out?

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