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  • associate
    He is an associate editorHe is an associate member of the clubassociate motions: those that occur sympathetically, in consequence of preceding motions
  • date
    We made a nice cake from dates.There were a few dates planted around the house.the date of a letter, of a will, of a deed, of a coin, etc.
  • go together
    Everybody knows now that Richard and Betsy go together.Should we go separate, or should we go together?Purple and blue are two colors that go together well.
  • socialize
  • converse
    a converse propositionAll trees are plants, but the converse, that all plants are trees, is not true.
  • go
    Why don’t you go with us?   This train goes through Cincinnati on its way to Chicago.   Chris, where are you going?   Theres no public transit where Im going.   Wow, look at him go!Yesterday was the second-wettest day on record; you have to go all the way back to 1896 to find a day when more rain fell.Fans want to see the Twelfth Doctor go to the 51st century to visit River in the library.
  • go out with
  • associate with
  • assort
    to assort a cargo
  • check out
    Be sure to check out of the hotel before noonIm done shopping, so Ill go check out nowHe checked his favorite mystery out for the twenty-third time
  • consort with
  • court
    The girls were playing in the courtThe noblemen visited the queen in her courtThe queen and her court traveled to the city to welcome back the soldiers
  • mix
    Mix the eggs and milk with the flour until the consistency is smoothto mix business with pleasureDont mix the meat recipes with the dairy recipes
  • socialise
  • to be going out with

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