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  • swoop
    The lone eagle swooped down into the lake, snatching its prey, a small fish.The dog had enthusiastically swooped down on the bone.A hawk swoops a chicken.
  • dash
    Add a dash of vinegar.There is a dash of craziness in his personality.Arent we full of dash this morning?
  • lunge
    I lunged at the police officer and made a grab for her gun.
  • pelt
    They pelted the attacking army with bullets.The children pelted apples at us.Its pelting down out there!
  • plummet
    After its ascent, the arrow plummeted to earth.
  • race
    The race around the park was won by Johnny, who ran faster than the others.We had a race to see who could finish the book the quickest.the race to cure canceris this what this sense is intended to cover??>--
  • rocket
  • rush
    European policy must consist of maintaining the pressure on Saddam and certainly there must be no headlong rush to war. Eurooppalaisen politiikan mukaisesti Saddamia on painostettava edelleen, eikä sotaan saa missään tapauksessa syöksyä suin päin. A rush of business can be difficult to handle effectively for its unexpected volumeMany errors were made in the rush to finish
  • slide
    He slid the boat across the grass.The safe slid slowly.Snow slides down the side of a mountain.
  • stoop
    He stooped to tie his shoe-laces.Can you believe that a salesman would stoop so low as to hide his customers car keys until they agreed to the purchase?to stoop a cask of liquor
  • toboggan
  • zoom
    prices zoomed
  • dive
    She dove right in and started making improvements.the dive of a hawk after prey
  • plunge
    We must not allow our small farmers to be plunged into this abyss. Emme voi antaa pienviljelijämme syöksyä tähän kuiluun. to plunge the body into waterto plunge a dagger into the breast;   to plunge a nation into war
  • storm
    The proposed reforms have led to a political storm.She stormed out of the room.Troops stormed the complex.
  • surge
    He felt a surge of excitement.A power surge at that generator created a blackout across the whole district.Toaster sales surged last year
  • tear
    He tore his coat on the nailHe has a torn ligamentHe tore some muscles in a weight-lifting accident
  • To rush, fall.
  • topple
    The massed crowds toppled the statue of the former dictator.The pile of pennies began to topple.

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