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  • gallery
    a gallery of image thumbnailsa clip-art gallery in a wordprocessor
  • balcony
  • bevy
  • cast
    The director cast the part carefullyThe director cast John Smith as King Learto cast about for reasons
  • cluster
    a cluster of islandsA cluster of flowers grew in the potA leukemia cluster has developed in the town
  • flight
    Birds are capable of flightThe migrating birds flight took them to Africaa flight of swallows
  • flock
    People flocked to the cinema to see the new film.
  • gam
  • kettle
    To cook pasta, you first need to put the kettle on.Theres a hot kettle of soup on the stove.Stick the kettle on and well have a nice cup of tea.
  • lintuja) flock; swarm; pail; school; gam
  • loft
    an organ loft
  • murder
    There have been ten unsolved murders this year aloneThe defendant was charged with murderThis headache is murder
  • muster
  • mutation
  • pod; murder; muster; kettle
  • puddling
  • school
    The divers encountered a huge school of mackerel.Our children attend a public school in our neighborhoodHarvard University is a famous American postsecondary school
  • swarm
    a swarm of meteorites
  • cloud
    He opened the door and was greeted by a cloud of batsThe comic-book characters thoughts appeared in a cloud above his headThe glass clouds when you breathe on it.
  • cloud/translations
  • herd
    Sheep herd on many hills.He is employed to herd the goats.I heard the herd of cattle being herded home from a long way away.
  • horde
    We were beset by a horde of street vendors who thought we were tourists and would buy their cheap souvenirs.
  • pail
    The milkmaid carried a pail of milk in each hand
  • pod

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