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  • retrieveto retrieve ones character or independence; to retrieve a thrown ballThe cook doesnt care whats shot, only whats actually retrieved.Dog breeds called retrievers were selected for retrieving.
  • fetch
    If you put some new tyres on it, and clean it up a bit, the car should fetch about $5,000to fetch headway or sternwayto fetch a man to
  • get
    Im going to get a computer tomorrow from the discount storeLance is going to get Mary a ringI got a computer from my parents for my birthday
  • bring
    If this were to be recognised in the EU, she would then be able to bring her entire family to join her. Jos se olisi tunnustettu EU:ssa, hän voisi noutaa tänne myöhemmin myös perheensä. Waiter, please bring me a single malt whiskeyThe new company director brought a fresh perspective on sales and marketing
  • collect
    The end users are to be able to hand in old equipment free of charge to their retailer and even have it collected in cases where they are buying a replacement. Loppukäyttäjän täytyy saada luovuttaa laite maksutta kauppiaalle, ja uuden laitteen kohdalla kauppiaan täytyy jopa noutaa laite. Mutta loppukäyttäjällä on vastuu, jos laite pitää vain poistaa. Suzanne collected all the papers she had laid outThe team uses special equipment to collect data on temperature, wind speed and rainfall
  • go forIll go for some milk.If John goes for three days without sleep, he will be very tired.I need to go for a checkup at the clinic.
  • meet
    Fancy meeting you here! Guess who I met at the supermarket today?Lets meet at the station at 9 oclock. Shall we meet at 8 p.m in our favorite chatroom?Im pleased to meet you! Id like you to meet a colleague of mine
  • reclaim

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