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  • blurry
    If I take off my glasses, everything close up looks blurry.It would seem that the line between flirting and sexual harrassment has become quite blurry.
  • clear as mud
  • dull
    All these knives are dullHe sat through the dull lecture and barely stayed awakeWhen does having a dull personality ever get you a girlfriend? Even if you get one, how does being dull help you keep a relationship for over a year?
  • fuzzy
    My recollection of that event is fuzzy.I finally threw out a large stack of fuzzy photos.Youve got a fuzzy on your coat.
  • lackluster
    The actor gave a lackluster performance in his latest film.
  • muddy
    He slogged across the muddy field.Take off your muddy boots before you come inside.The previously limpid water was now muddy as a result of the epic struggle.
  • murky
  • thick
    I want some planks that are two inches thickHe had such a thick neck that he had to turn his body to look to the sideWe walked through thick undergrowth
  • turbid
    turbid waterturbid wine

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