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  • chime
    Sylvia had a recording of someone playing the chimes against a background of surf noise that she found calming.Hugo was a chime player in the school orchestra.Peter removed the C♯ chime from its mounting so that he could get at the dust that had accumulated underneath.
  • comport
    to comport with an injuryThe new rules did not seem to comport with the spirit of the club.She comported herself with grace.
  • go together
    Everybody knows now that Richard and Betsy go together.Should we go separate, or should we go together?Purple and blue are two colors that go together well.
  • joint
    The play was a joint production between the two companies.This rod is free to swing at the joint with the platform.The water is leaking out of the joint between the two pipes.
  • match
    My local team are playing in a match against their arch-rivals today.He knew he had met his match.The carpet and curtains are a match.
  • agree
    all parties agree in the expediency of the agree to an offer, or to opinion.the picture does not agree with the original; the two scales agree exactly.
  • agree together
  • compatible
    In no instance can violent nationalism be compatible with the ideals of the European Union. Väkivaltainen kansallismielisyys ei voi missään tapauksessa sopia yhteen Euroopan unionin ihanteiden kanssa. Public services of high standard (para. 43) should also be compatible with full-time working hours. Korkealaatuisten julkisten palveluiden (43 kohta) pitäisi sopia yhteen kokopäiväisen työtuntien kanssa. I cannot conceive of measures which would be compatible with those rights but incompatible with the free movement of goods. Asia, mitä en voi ymmärtää, on se, millaisten toimien ajatellaan voivan sopia yhteen tämän oikeuden kanssa ja olla sopimatta yhteen tavaroiden vapaan liikkuvuuden kanssa.
  • correspond
    Ive been corresponding with my German pen pal for three years.
  • jibe (with)
  • mesh
    The music meshed well with the visuals in that film.
  • yoke
    to work two yokes, i.e. to work both morning and afternoon
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