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  • squeeze
    I therefore believe that even demonstrations are onto a loser, because you can only squeeze so much juice from a lemon. Sen vuoksi uskon, että mielenosoituksetkaan eivät auta, sillä sitruunasta ei voi puristaa mehua enempää kuin siinä on. I squeezed the ball between my hands.Please dont squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle.
  • clamp
  • clasp
    I always have a hard time working the clasp on this necklace!He took her hand in a firm claspThey clasped hands and parted as friends.
  • clench
    He clenched his fist in anger.
  • constrict
  • double
    The closet has double doorsGive me a double serving of mashed potatoesHes my double cousin as my mothers sister married my fathers brother
  • express
    I gave him express instructions not to begin until I arrived, but he ignored me.This book cannot be copied without the express permission of the publisher.In my eyes it bore a livelier image of the spirit, it seemed more express and single, than the imperfect and divided countenance.
  • grasp
    I have never been able to grasp the concept of infinity.The goal is within my grasp
  • mash
    We had fun mashing apples in a mill.The potatoes need to be mashed.to mash on a bicycle pedal
  • press
    a flower pressStop the presses!This article appeared in the press
  • squash
    When Im thirsty I drink squash; it tastes much nicer than plain water.Its a bit of a squash in this small room.Somehow, she squashed all her books into her backpack, which was now too heavy to carry
  • squeeze out
    Squeeze out some toothpaste and put it on your toothbrushI auditioned and I would have had the role, but I got squeezed out by a more experienced actorThey came from nowhere to take over second place, squeezing out the previously eighth-place team
  • squish
    The sandwich tasted fine, even though it got squished in his lunchbox.
  • wring
    You must wring your wet jeans before hanging them out to dry.The police said they would wring the truth out of that heinous criminal.Some of the patients waiting in the dentists office were wringing their hands nervously.
  • crush
    a crush at a receptionIve had a huge crush on her since we met many years ago.to crush grapes
  • hold
    The mothers who have lost their children will tell you that their arms hurt due to the constant need to hold the child and keep it from harm. Lapsensa menettäneet äidit sanovat, että heidän käsiään särkee herkeämätön tarve puristaa lasta syliin ja suojella häntä pahalta. Hold the pencil like thisThis package holds six bottles
  • sqeeze

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