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  • stalemate
  • node
  • bumpthe bump of veneration; the bump of acquisitivenessUS presidential nominees get a post-convention bump in survey ratings.I bumped the font size up to make my document easier to read.
  • draw
    He tried to draw a conclusion from the factsTea is much nicer if you let it draw for more than two minutes before pouringto draw money from a bank
  • gallImproper cooling and a dull milling blade on titanium can gall the surface.
  • knot
    Climbers must make sure that all knots are both secure and of types that will not weaken the rope.The nurse was brushing knots from the protesting childs hair.A knot can be defined as a non-self-intersecting broken line whose endpoints coincide: when such a knot is constrained to lie in a plane, then it is simply a polygon.
  • lump
    Stir the gravy until there are no more lumps.a lump of coal; a lump of clay; a lump of cheeseThe money arrived all at once as one big lump sum payment.
  • mass
    The mass of spectators didnt see the infraction on the fieldA mass of ships converged on the beaches of DunkirkThe masses are revolting
  • protrusion
  • protuberance
  • sting
    Right so came out an adder of a little heathbush, and it stung a knight in the foot.Still, it stung when a slightly older acquaintance asked me why I couldnt do any better.My hand stings after knocking on the door so long.
  • swellRains and dissolving snow swell the rivers in springThe organ music swelledto be swelled with pride or haughtiness

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