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  • magnificent
    It is a magnificent achievement which we should continue to celebrate. Se on suurenmoinen saavutus, jota meidän on ylistettävä jatkossakin. Mr President, you are a magnificent representative of what this House stands for. Arvoisa puhemies, meillä on teissä suurenmoinen parlamentin edustaja. The response to the tsunami was magnificent – I was caught up in the middle of it. Tsunamiin annettu avustus oli suurenmoinen – osallistuin nimittäin asian hoitamiseen.
  • capital
    He does not have enough capital to start a businessWashington D.C. is the capital of the United States of AmericaThe Welsh government claims that Cardiff is Europe’s youngest capital
  • exquisite
    They sell good coffee and pastries, but their chocolate is exquisiteSourav Ganguly scored an exquisite century in his debut Test matchexquisite pain or pleasure
  • generous
    Thank you for your generous words.Shes been extremely generous with her winnings.Add a generous helping of mayonnaise.
  • passing
    passing cars
  • terrific
    I say! Shes a terrific tennis player.The car came round the bend at a terrific speed.The lightning was followed by a terrific clap of thunder.
  • alvo
  • bad
    You have bad creditThe weather looks pretty bad right nowDont talk to him; hes in a bad mood
  • beast
    That is a beast of a stadium.The subwoofer that comes with this set of speakers is a beast.
  • bitching
    Just my bitching luck.
  • brilliant
    She has been a brilliant rapporteur and we have got a very positive result. Hän on ollut suurenmoinen esittelijä, ja olemme saaneet erittäin myönteisen tuloksen. Averroës was a brilliant scholar but, at the same time, he was a symbol of failure - the result of trying to combine Greek philosophy with Islam. Averroes oli suurenmoinen oppinut. Hän on samanaikaisesti epäonnistumisen symboli: epäonnistumisen, joka johtui siitä, että kreikkalainen filosofia haluttiin sotkea islamiin. The Commission has put forward three proposals which, if you look at them carefully, are really four, like the musketeers, and none of them is brilliant. Komissio laatii kolme ehdotusta, joita on tarkemmin laskettuna neljä, kuten muskettisotureitakin, eikä yksikään niistä ole suurenmoinen.
  • broken
    My arm is broken!the ground was littered with broken bonesOne recent morning the team had to replace a broken weather research station
  • businawreck
  • butter
    peanut butterbutter of antimony; butter of arsenicButter the toast.
  • cherry
  • chim
  • choice
    Do I have a choice of what color to paint it?She didnt leave us much choiceThe ice cream sundae is a popular choice for dessert.
  • clean
    Are these dishes clean? Your room is finally clean!Put a clean sheet of paper into the printerMister, I want to see a clean dinner plate or therell be no dessert for you
  • crump
    a crump loaf
  • dank
    The dank cave was chilly and spookyThat was dank bud
  • dope
    Whats the latest dope on the stock market?That party was dope!
  • double bomb
  • far out
    We were discussing a new base for our office, but moving to Antarctica seemed too far out.Far out! The game has a hidden cow level.
  • fat
    The fat man had trouble getting through the doorThe fattest pig should yield the most meatThe fat wallets of the men from the city brought joy to the peddlers
  • filthy
  • grand
    a grand mountaina grand armya grand mistake
  • outstanding
  • the bomb
    Pakistan and India both have the Bomb now.Their new record is the bomb.That party was the bomb!
  • towering

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