Sanan takapuoli käännös suomi-englanti

  • behind
    The car is behind the wallWho is behind these terrorist attacks?The republicans are fully behind their candidate
  • backside
    It is good that you are here because, if the monkey goes up the tree, it is easier to see its backside! On hyvä, että olette täällä, koska jos apina nousee puuhun, sen takapuoli on helpompi nähdä! The buildings backside faced an alley and was covered in grime and graffitiHaving ridden the horse all day for the first time, I had painful blisters on my backside
  • bottom
    Footers appear at the bottoms of pages.lack bottomWhere shall we go for a walk? How about Ashcombe Bottom?
  • bum
    Okay, everyone sit on your bum and try and touch your toes.Fred is becoming a bum - hes not even bothering to work more than once a month.That mechanics a bum - he couldnt fix a yo-yo.
  • rear
    The family has been rearing cattle for 200 yearsThe horse was shocked, and thus rearedThe monster slowly reared its head.
  • rump
  • back
    Go in the back door of the houseI’d like to find a back issue of that magazineThey took a back road
  • arse
    Stop arsing around!
  • ass
    That new kid left the cap off the syrup bottle again! What an assI’m going to go down to the bar and try to get me some assThat was one big-ass fish!
  • buttocksp
  • buttocks butt
  • derrière
  • derriere
  • fanny
    Her dress was so short you could nearly see her fanny.Children, sit down on your fannies, and eat your lunch.Get off your fanny and get back to work!
  • heinie
  • rear end
  • rear side
  • reverse
    We ate the meal in reverse order, starting with dessert and ending with the starter.The mirror showed us a reverse view of the scene.He selected reverse gear.
  • toches
  • tush
  • tushie
  • booty
    After returning from their Halloween trick-or-treating, the kids settled down to enjoy their booty of candies.You got a big ol booty.
  • buns
  • butt
    Get up off your butt and get to work.I can see your butt.When the woman in the dress was sitting with her legs up, I could see up her butt.
  • posterior
  • prat
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