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  • administer
    We administered the medicine to our dog by mixing it in his food.administering to the sick
  • apportion
    The controlling party had apportioned the voting districts such that their party would be favored in the next election.The children were required to dump all of their Halloween candy on the table so that their parents could apportion it among them.
  • deliver
    deliver a captive from the prisonthe doctor delivered the babythe duchess was delivered of a son
  • digest
    to digest lawsI just ate an omelette and Im waiting for it to digest.Comyns Digest
  • dish out
    She can dish out criticism but she cant take it.
  • dose
  • issue
    The technique minimizes the issue of blood from the incision.He died lawyered up.Although his own kingdom disappeared, his issue went on to rule a quarter of Europe.
  • allowance
    her meagre allowance of food or drinkto make allowance for his naivetyTare]] and tret are examples of allowance
  • portion
  • portion out
  • ration
    We rationed ourselves to three sips of water a day until we were rescued.By the third day on the raft, we had to ration our water.Our present health care system is rationed only to those who can afford it because of unnecessary high cost, lack of insurance coverage by 47 million people, and exorbitant prescription prices.
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