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  • ache
  • break
    In the emotion, pain and fury of the agreements, it was impossible to break the vicious circle of blood and vengeance. Ei ollut siten mahdollista särkeä tunnekuohussa, tuskassa ja sitoumusten vimmassa veren ja koston noidankehää. If the vase falls to the floor, it might breakIn order to tend to the accident victim, he will break the window of the car
  • crack
    Its been so dry, the ground is starting to crack.When I tried to stand on the chair, it cracked.Anyone would crack after being hounded like that.
  • wreck
    He was an emotional wreck after the death of his wife.He wrecked the car in a collision.That adulterous hussy wrecked my marriage!
  • blow
    Blow the dust off that book and open it up.The leaves blow through the streets in the blow the fire
  • breach
    Even a small earthquake in the Cumbrian region could breach the storage tanks. Jopa pieni maanjärjestys Cumbrian alueella voisi särkeä varastosäiliöt. A clear breach is when the waves roll over the vessel without breaking. A clean breach is when everything on deck is swept away.breach of promise
  • break out
    They broke out of prison in the middle of the night.The brigade succeeded in breaking out of the pocket and reunited with friendly forces.Break out the bubbly and celebrate.
  • break up
    It broke up when it hit the ground.She broke up with her boyfriend last week.Jane and Stephen broke up
  • fracture
  • fragment
    a fragment of an ancient writingI heard a small fragment of the conversation.The URL ends with a fragment.
  • fritter
    I was supposed to do work, but I frittered around all afternoon.He can’t figure out how to finish the paper he’s writing, so he’s resorted to frittering with the fonts.It is quite possible to fritter ones life away in answer to the endless calls of others.
  • fuck up
    You really fucked up this timeI fucked up question 3 of the examI fucked up my knee while running the marathon
  • hurt
    Does your leg still hurt? / It is starting to feel betterIf anybody hurts my little brother, I will get upsetThis latest gaffe hurts the legislator’s reelection prospects still further
  • mess up
    The afternoon breeze messed up my hair.The change messed something up, and its not working anymore.Well, I messed up my solo, but otherwise it was a good concert.
  • rend
    Powder rends a rock in blasting.Lightning rends an oak.Relationships may rend if tempers flare.
  • shatter
    The miners used dynamite to shatter rocks.a high-pitched voice that could shatter glassThe old oak tree has been shattered by lightning.
  • smash
    'This glass,' continued Mr Mauro, 'is used for drinking water. However, I could smash it over Mr Fatuzzo's head and that would be an improper use.' Mauro jatkoi: "Tätä lasia käytetään veden juomiseen, mutta voisin särkeä sen Fatuzzon päähän, jolloin lasia käytettäisiin sopimattomalla tavalla."I could hear the screech of the brakes, then the horrible smash of cars collidingThe driver and two passengers were badly injured in the smash
  • sour
    Lemons have a sour tasteDont drink that milk; its turned sourHis sour breath makes it unpleasing to talk to him
  • stuff
    He didnt want his pockets to bulge so he was walking around with all his stuff in his handsI had to do some stuffCan I have some of that stuff on my ice-cream sundae?

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