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Sanan kelvata käännös suomi-englanti

  • suffice
    For this plum cake, two eggs should suffice.A joint of lamb sufficed even his enormous appetite.
  • available
    We have an available candidate.The list shows the available products in the store.This is an available plea.
  • be good enough
    That just cannot be good enough for Parliament or for Europe. Tuon ei pitäisi kelvata parlamentille eikä EU:lle.
  • cut the mustard
    Give me the bigger hammer. This little one just doesnt cut the mustard.
  • do
    Do you go there often?I do not go there oftenDo not listen to him
  • do/translations
  • make do
    There is barely enough money, so we will have to make do with what we have.Make the movie do! (Put on the movie!Brandon’s makin’ the grill do so we can get to eatin’.
  • valid
    I will believe him as soon as he offers a valid answer.A valid format for the date is MM/DD/YY.Do not drive without a valid license.
  • work
    My work involves a lot of travelHe hasn’t come home yet, he’s still at work“I want to go to the R.E.M. reunion concert but Im not sure if my work will let me off.”
  • answer
    Her answer to his proposal was a slap in the faceThere is no simple answer to corruption.He answered the question
  • answer the purpose
  • bounce
    The tennis ball bounced off the wall before coming to rest in the ditch.He bounces nervously on his chair.He bounced the child on his knee.
  • pass
    They passed from room to roomYou will pass a house on your rightThe waiter passed biscuits and cheese
  • To do, work, suffice.

Sanan kelvata määritelmät

  • olla kyllin hyvä, sopia, soveltua

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